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Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Issue Up!!!

It's the 16th and you know what that means. Yes, Halloween is fifteen days away, but it also means that the new issue of Common Conservative has been published, and is we're waiting for you guys to take a gander at what's been opined about in this issue.

The Chief starts us off with a piece where he is speaking to voters directly about this election.

Larry Simoneaux offers up his observations about the Wall Street mess using the analogy of keeping it simple.

And Marcie and I touch on the differences in the veeps as judged by their lone debate. (If Biden would drop these strange hallucinations he has, he might have faired better.)

J.R. Seus offers up an amusing take on Dr. Seuss's "Green Eggs and Ham" focusing on Obama and Biden.

Ryan Needler discusses plain, old-fashioned conservatism, and why it's necessary to return to that.

Ralph Reiland explains why Bill Ayers is an important issue this election

Jim Kouri explains the friends of Obama with regard to the Weather Underground.

Jack Ward explains what led us to the financial crisis we're in

And John Lillpop rounds out this issue with his take on Democrats and their dirty, fraud-based voting practices.

Enjoy reading!!

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