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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

22 November will be forever remembered as Victory In Iraq Day

Yes, you read that right. The war in Iraq is over, and we bloggers have decided, with the urging of Zombie and a whole host of others listed by him, that the 22nd of November will be remembered as the day we won in the theater of Iraq over the Islamofascist hordes that were determined to destroy the way of life we know, and to drag a fledgling democracy into the pits of Hell. We urge ALL bloggers to jump on board -- be you Left, Right, or Center -- and acknowledge this simple fact.

Our troops will remain there, albeit in a smaller number, to continue their duties providing security for the Iraqis. No complaining now as we've done this int he past. We did it in Germany, in Italy, in Japan, and in South Korea. Despite the fact we're not fond of John McCain, it was his urgings to institute the surge that allowed us to have this victory. So on Saturday, raise a glass and give a toast not only to our soldiers still aborad, and those who have sacrificed, but give a toast to the old man, too. Without him, the surge wouldn't have been possible, and we wouldn't have victory now.

Also, for those that would like to know exactly what went on during the surge that allowed us this moment in history, please pick up a copy of Michael Yon's phenomenal book "Moment of Truth in Iraq" and read it. His accounts int he book show life before, during, and after the surge began, and it's a must-read for anyone wanting to know how we snatched victory from the jaws of defeat and despair.

One last thing, and perhaps the most important one. PLEASE remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice not only for our country, but for a new nation; a free nation that finally has what was rightfully theirs. The Iraqis lived under a brutal dictator for over twenty years. He and his thugs are gone. those that remain have agreed to participate in rebuilding Iraq into a new, fresh democracy in the Middle East. Things are improving daily, and the violence from the animals is down considerably; almost to the point of barely being footnote worthy. Our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines have done an outstanding job, and they deserve all the thanks and praise we can give them. And for those that did give all, no words -- no deed -- can convey how much we as Americans appreciate their valor and honor. To their families, I say we have a debt we can never repay, and we will miss you loved ones as much as you do.

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