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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Continuing On Franken and Coleman

Captain Ed Morrissey just put up a post about the Franken/Coleman race in Minnesota. There is no new news, save what Thomas posted this morning, but it does include a clip of Tim Pawlenty on Hannity and Colmes last night where Governor Pawlenty says the following:

Well, in short Sean, Norm Coleman maintains his lead of 192 votes, the canvassing board reconvenes later this week. They’re going to go through the recount, certify a result, including dealing with the challenged ballots. Most of the nonpartisan experts on the ground believe that Norm Coleman has an overwhelming advantage because of the way that this will work. After that’s done the canvassing board will strive to try and certify the election and the lawsuit will begin. Norm Coleman, I believe, will win this race and deserves to win this race, but if they try to put this into the United States Senate, there are only two United States Senators who have a right to vote in Minnesota and their names aren’t Schumer and Reid, and so they should butt out. They should butt out.

Thomas and I agree with Governor Pawlenty 100%. This is not a race that should be decided by partisan Democrats in the senate.As far as we are concerned Senator Coleman has won his reelection three times, in three separate counts. All that remains are the ballot challenges, and as Thomas noted in his post earlier today those are going forward, albeit at a slow and methodical pace. We wish there was a way to speed up the process because Minnesota is operating under a tight deadline.

We also agree with Captain Ed Morrissey that it would be virtual political suicide for Senator Reid to intervene on this. If it were for the 60th seat he needed for a filibuster-proof majority we could see him pulling something foolish like interjecting in this election. But because Saxby Chambliss did win his reelection bid against Jim Martin to do so for the 59th seat is simply follhardy. It would also be wise for Senator Reid to take not of the fact that Joseph Cao defeated William Jefferson in Louisiana. I do understand that was a House seat and not a Senate seat, but the overwhelming win carried by Representative Cao should send a clear message to the leaders of the Democrat caucus in the Congress that underhanded tricks and corruption are not tolerated by the people.



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