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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Issue Up!!!

Do you know what the 16th of December means? You have eight more shopping days until Christmas, so if you haven't finished yet, get to it. Yes, even you procrastinators. And no, don't count on the elves to help you with wrapping. They're on a permanent Happy Hour right now, and laughing at you. Meanwhile, we're laughing with you.

But it also means the new issue of Common Conservative is up. Just to let longtime readers know, yes, Patrick Shanahan and Larry Simoneaux took and early vacation for the holidays, and hopefully we'll see them back in future issues.

In the meantime, The Chief talks up a subject that I can relate to about Christmas. It's one of the reasons that I, myself, have grown disillusioned by Christmas.

Marcie and I discuss aspects of President Bush's legacy that will be remembered.

Speaking of subjects that are close to us Brad O'Leary talks about one. Yes, the Big Three need to learn two words: "Chapter Eleven."

Ralph Reiland has similar thoughts about the Big Three, and why they're where they are.

Terrance Huiskens takes note of the obvious: The Left will eat it's own if they disagree with the choices one makes, and they're not pleased Barack Obama kept Robert Gates on board.

Doug Patton explains how a whole host of inmates are now in charge of the asylum. (And we thought we had a lock on that idea.)

Dr. Lynn Johnson explains why conservatives are happier than liberals. And if you're a liberal, I highly recommend you read his thoughts. He's spot-on, and I ought to know given where I camp almost nightly, and the morose, commiserating we see of the liberals in chat rooms.

And John Lillpop sees the rebirth of a Republican Renaissance int he recent victories since 4 November by the GOP. And while Marcie and I like to wait to see all the cards played, there's no reason for a little celebration in what John sees.

Enjoy reading. We hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas, a safe and sane New Year's, and we'll see you right back at Common Conservative on 1 January.

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