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Friday, December 12, 2008

Breaking!! John Harris resigns

John Harris is Blagojevich's chief of staff, or at least he was before he dropped his resignation off today:

John Harris resigned this morning as Gov. Rod Blagojevich's chief of staff, his lawyer said.

Harris dropped off his letter of resignation today in person and will not be going back to the office, according to his lawyer, Terry Ekl.

Harris and Blagojevich were arrested at their homes Tuesday morning on federal corruption charges.

Each was released on a personal recognizance bond after a court hearing.

What does this mean, in general? Well, the first thing that comes to mind is that he might have already rolled over on his former boss. If that's the case, he's got a plea deal to ensure the least amount of time possible spent in prison, if he goes at all, depending on how deep he is in the corruption.

This sends a message to Blagojevich that he just might want to work with federal investigators to do the same thing Harris has. Toss in the fact that Tony Rezko is singing to investigators, and he is the lynch pin between Blagojevich and Obama, it makes sense for him to go to the FBI and make a deal. And speaking of Obama he might want to amend his statements regarding the negotiations with Blagojevich over the Senate seat given the fact that Rahm Emmanuel is being implicated in the negotiations.

And why isn't Obama just being upfront and honest? Why is he pretending he didn't have anything to do with the choice of who would replace him? We already know he wanted Valerie Jarrett to take the seat. But that was before she accepted the job of being the presidential secretary. Or is he putting off those questions because he doesn't want to admit that Blagojevich told him what the price was going to be for him to "hand pick" his successor? That makes the situation stickier than it already is because it's clear that Blagojevich's attempt to sell the seat was illegal, and he'd be obligated to tip off Fitzgerald's investigative team.

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