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Monday, December 22, 2008

Unacceptable -- Arnie as President

It is nice to be back on the site now that Christmas break is here. While I am enjoying this time back, it is getting rather frustrating with news coverage slowing down as Christmas approaches. But there is this story from Captain Ed Morrissey about Arnold Schwarzenegger, and his desire -- if the Congress would amend the Constitution -- to run for president.

Forget for a moment the global warming nonsense that Governor Schwarzenegger espouses in the 60 Minutes interview. Let me, instead, focus on the simple fact of why the Founding Fathers did not wish to see foreigners leading this nation. Yes, they grandfathered themselves in because the majority of the nation was British-born. But the largest reason why they did not want foreigners allowed to be president because that person would bring their own ideas from whichever country they hailed from to America. They felt that such a move might be contrary to the founding principles of the Constitution.

Governor Schwarzenegger ran on fiscally-conservative/socially-liberal ideas. He won in the Davis recall election in 2003, and he won a second term in 2006. Personally speaking, he is suited for running California with all the nuts that are on the West Coast. The state legislature has just passed a sweeping new bunch of "fees" which are nothing more than tax increases. They are urging Governor Schwarzenegger to sign them because of the deficit that the state of California is in. No one knows whether the governor will sign them, as his fiscal conservative credentials seem to be a little tarnished, given the fact of this deficit.

The 60 Minutes interview revealed some very interesting tidbits about him, but the main sticking point will be on climate change. He seems to think that the fire season in California has been extended, due to global warming, all year round. As Captain Ed pointed out the fire season in California starts in the fall. It has always started in the fall. The "lengthened" season that the governor speaks of comes from bad management of the lands; caving into the environmental nutjobs that claim that the dead brush cannot be cleared. If the fuel is not there, the fires will not burn nearly as long, or nearly as hot.

His ideas are that of a liberal Republican. He is in favor of a bigger government, which runs 180 degrees contrary to what the Founding Fathers established. Politicians of late have decided the government is the solution to all of our problems, and we should just give in and let the government do its job. The problem with this thinking is that the government cannot solve everything. At some point they have to let the people deal with the solution to problems. Now it can be said that his political ideas are not born from his native Austria, but rather from the liberally-minded people he associates himself with. Regardless of where they come from, they stand in stark contrast to the Founder's vision for this nation.

But let me take this a step further. Should the Congress amend Article II, Section Five, which speaks of presidential qualifications, are we prepared for the candidacies of foreigners? I do not believe we would be ready for such a move. The Founding Fathers believed that it would be imprudent to have such a person leading this nation. Those men were brilliant. Let us not tinker with the Constitution in the way Governor Schwarzenegger would like us to.



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