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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Goodbye 43; Hello 44

As conservatives, we are celebrating today. No, not because Bush is leaving and Obama is coming in, but because the inauguration is a celebration in and of itself. Imagine the world watching us as we peacefully transition from one leader to another -- with plenty of pomp and circumstance to gag the odd onlooker -- as we have for 232 years.

We say goodbye to President George W. Bush, and unlike the Left and some grumbling Republicans, we thank him for the efforts and success in his eight years in office. Tax cuts that spurned the economy to record heights; Preventing further attacks against the United States, and her allies; Pushing through much-needed reforms in the federal government; Two superb Supreme Court jurists; Victory in a theater of war where all was thought to be lost. And he did it all without engaging in the mudslinging that Democrats used consistently for eight years. Thank you Mr. President. God bless you, and godspeed on your next step in life.

To the incoming president, Barack Obama, we urge humility and tenaciousness. He is coming into office in the midst of a financial meltdown the likes of which we haven't seen since the late 1980s. (Contrary to some Chicken Littles out there, this is not on par with the Great Depression.) He also comes into office amidst a world in chaos. In Russia we hear the sabers rattling towards their former satellite nations. In North Korea, they are feverishly continuing work on their own nuclear arsenal. In Iran similar things are going on behind closed doors, and those machinations are making the region very nervous. If Afghanistan we are facing what is slowly becoming a quagmire, and one that's not by our own doing. Because over in Pakistan, their nation is divided between the moderates who want a democracy, and the radicals that want an Islamic fundamentalist nation. In Latin America we have dictators that are swinging back towards the socialism that gripped that region in the late 70's and throughout the 80's. And looming on the horizon is China.

The incoming president has a full plate in front of him. And like it or not, he is our president. We didn't vote for him. We don't particularly like him. We don't really trust him much. And we know damn well that his incompetence might even be worse than Jimmy Carter's was. But he is our president. He's going to have successes in office and he will have failures. But we're not like the rest of the knee-jerk Republicans out there wishing that his term in office is one failure after another. Why? Let me be clear about this answer so there isn't a shred of ambiguity.

He needs to succeed because if he doesn't WE, the people of the United States, will be the ones paying the ultimate price.

If he fails to keep this nation as secure as it has been post-11 September, we will be the ones who bear the brunt of any attack.

If he fails to stabilize the financial markets, then it will be us who feel the pinch, as we are right now.

If he fails to appoint federal judges who adhere to the rule of law, and instead make things up as they go along, then we will be the ones who suffer the consequences.

Get the picture? He's not going to suffer from any of that. We will. We're the little people out here that all those failures will reflect upon.

So, enough of the petulant behavior. We're sick of it. Acting like babies because our guy didn't win makes us look no better than the Left did after the election in 2000. Remember all the petulant brats then? Those that claimed Bush stole the election, that the Supreme Court made the final choice? Do we really want to act like them? Siting in a chatroom at night, we still get liberals coming in and whining about the 2000 election. Give it a rest already.

This goes especially to those who just won't let up on the birth certificate issue. The latest suit will be in conference on 23 January before the Supreme Court, and I can tell you already it won't be granted certiorari; it will not be granted an oral argument. They're going to toss it as they have tossed the others. The birth certificate meme didn't work, and frankly those pushing this are idiots. Why? Because if they wanted to make this case they had plenty of time during the primaries to do so, and stop Obama then. But they didn't. They waited until after the election to do this. There is no truth to the accusation Barack Obama isn't a natural-born citizen. Yes he is. Deal with it. Man-up and move on, or shut up because we're tired of the antics.

We wish President Barack Obama all the best. We hope he does do well as president. At the very least, we hope he keeps this nation protected and secure. Now, does this mean that we've caught "hopenchange" fever? Hardly. Does this mean we're going to roll over, like the Republicans in Congress have, and give Obama everything he wants? Not bloody likely. He's the president, and he is owed the respect his office deserves, but we are going to fight him every step of the way over these next four years. When he screws up, he'll hear from us. When he proposes some sweeping new socialist idea, we'll melt down the Capitol Hill switchboard demanding our elected representatives oppose it.

Fall for this shyster? Hell no. We need to stand together and give this man fits for the next four years. We won't interfere in anything that will benefit this nation, but anything that is detrimental to it -- that is 180 degrees contrary to the Founding Father's vision -- is fair game, and we'll come out with guns blazing.

So, goodbye and godspeed to President Bush. You will be missed. Hello to President Obama. Get ready sparky, because you're about to get an education on what it means to be a leader.

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