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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Harry Reid is a Moronic Ass

There is no love here for Harry Reid, and please forgive the title but we are a blunt when we need to. The Senate Majority leader decided yesterday that Roland Burris not only would not be seated, but that he would not be allowed in the Senate proper. Ace @ Ace of Spades asked yesterday, on the announcement of him being barred from the Senate, "Did I just wake up in the middle of a William Faulkner novel?" Possibly, Ace, but at the very least Harry Reid has unleashed a nightmare he wishes he could shove back into Pandora's Box:

Roland Burris heads into a pivotal meeting with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Majority Whip Richard J. Durbin on Wednesday with an unmistakable sense of momentum.

He’s now got a top Senate Democrat on his side, a growing chorus of Congressional Black Caucus members backing him and an apparent edge in pending lawsuits.

Burris’ Senate appointment by Gov. Rod Blagojevich has caused an uproar because Blagojevich has been charged with trying to sell that Senate seat, vacated by Barack Obama.

The key question now for Reid and Durbin: How do they find cover in a political story that has run amok? One idea being considered is to have Burris win an endorsement from the sitting lieutenant governor, Pat Quinn, one Democratic insider said.

First, he does have a significant edge in the pending lawsuits because, as Thomas pointed out a day, or so, ago, nothing trumps the Constitution. No rule or law can ever supersede the highest law in the land, and Roland Burris has the edge when he cites the governor's ability to appoint vacancies to the Senate under the Seventeenth Amendment.

As for political cover, there is none. The best political cover that Harry Reid can offer up is that upon reviewing the legal ideas, he will seat Roland Burris. Mr. Burris does not need an endorsement from anyone, and such an endorsement will be seen as contrived or coerced to give Senator Reid cover. That is the last thing any sensible Democrat wants to give Harry Reid. But this gets better as he sees dissension in the ranks from his own party:

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) bucked party leaders, calling for Burris to be seated in the Senate as soon as his paperwork is signed by the Illinois secretary of state. Not allowing Burris to be seated could undermine future gubernatorial appointments, Feinstein said.

“I can’t imagine the secretary of state countermanding a gubernatorial appointment,” Feinstein said. “The question, really, is one, in my view, of law. And that is, does the governor have the power to make the appointment? And the answer is yes. Is the governor discredited? And the answer is yes.

“Does that affect his appointment power? And the answer is no until certain things happen.”

Reid warned that senators such as Feinstein are backtracking because, in December, 50 Democrats vowed to block any Blagojevich appointment. “They have to be very careful raising any objections, because they signed a letter,” Reid told Politico.

That last part is what makes Harry Reid an ass. "They signed a letter?" That is simply moronic. Hitler signed a piece of paper. Clinton signed an affidavit he knew was false. But Harry Reid wants the Democrats to abide by a letter they signed. It is nonbinding, and he is only reminding people of this because of Senator Feinstein's wisdom in this matter. It is Harry Reid's fault that this is even going down this way.

Had he just shut his mouth, and accepted the duly-appointed junior senator from Illinois he would not be in this untenable position. But he let his ego -- his pride as the Senate Majority leader -- get in the way of what is right and proper. We have seen this before, Reid's hubris, repeatedly in the 110th Congress. This is the same Harry Reid who continuously made empty promises to Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell that he would bring up the president's judicial nominees, and then backed out of those promises.

When Senator Roland Burris goes into his meeting with Senators Reid and Durbin tomorrow, we suggest he bring along his own Robert Byrd pocket Constitution with him so that these buffoons in the Senate will finally get the memo. And if he is not seated tomorrow, we also suggest a direct appeal to the Supreme Court in the hope that the high court will give Harry Reid a supreme slap upside his head.



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