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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

BREAKING! Daschle withdraws

This was literally just announced over the radio. Tom Daschle has withdrawn his nomination to be Obama's HHS secretary. Was it something we said? Or was it the heat from the New York Times and others demanding his withdrawal? As it turns out, it has more to do with his frank honesty of knowing he's not the right guy for the job as he admits he's not the leader he thought he was:

Tom Daschle has withdrawn his nomination to be Health and Human Services secretary.

That's according to a joint White House statement from President Barack Obama and his former nominee.

Obama said Tuesday he accepted the withdrawal "with sadness and regret."

Daschle has been battling for his nomination since it was disclosed he failed to pay more than $120,000 in taxes.

He said he's withdrawing because he's not a leader who has the full faith of Congress and will be a distraction.

Anyone ever notice that every one of the blunders made by President Hope & Change is defined as a "distraction?" And this has to be one for the record books as Daschle is the second nominee today to have withdrawn their nomination. Any coincidence that they're both tax cheats? More than likely, yes. But in Daschle's case, our best guess is he didn't want the knives plunged in his chest during confirmation. Of course the other thing might be that he withdrew before any hearings could be held because he was afraid of any other skeletons that might be exposed in his closet. Remember that there were questions raised about lobbyist wife after he was elected the Senate Majority leader back in 2001. Of course, speculation actually over whether this was the only tax problem Daschle had, or if more was set to be exposed in the confirmation hearings.

Regardless, he's out. Bye Tom. Don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you.

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