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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

NorKs rattling sabers again

He's so bloody "ronery", and he wants people to know that. So what's up Krazy Kim's sleeve this time? Just your garden variety missile test: (HT to JammieWearingFool

Analysts have claimed North Korea is secretly preparing to test-fire a long-range missile designed to strike U.S. territory.

The fears came after Pyongyang announced today that it is set to launch a satellite on one of its rockets. Analysts claim the rocket launch is a cover for the missile test.

If the long-range rocket flies successfully, Pyongyang would have a missile with a maximum range of 6,700 km (4,200 miles), designed to eventually carry a nuclear warhead that could hit U.S. territory - though not the continental 48 states, analysts said.

This would, for the first time, pose a direct security threat to the United States.

The announcement follows weeks of angry rhetoric from Pyongyang aimed at the conservative government in South Korea and warnings that the Korean peninsula was on the verge of war.

Analysts said Pyongyang was using brinkmanship to put pressure on the new U.S. government and its main allies in the region, South Korea and Japan, to reverse tough policies against the North.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, on a trip to Asia last week, warned North Korea against any provocative moves.

I'm sure the NorKs are just shaking with fear over Hillary issuing warnings. What was that Jo Mr. Gaffe-tastic" Biden said back in October at a Seattle fundraiser? Oh yeah. "It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama ..." Well, we just barely passed the one month mark for President Barry (Sorry, I must have missed the media fanfare and the celebrations) and already he now has a direct, existential threat to the United States. And what's our answer?

A milquetoast warning from the Secretary of State. Though I can't confirm it but I have my hunch that she's speaking with the UN Security Council on how to draft a sternly-worded letter.

Seriously, the NorKs do this every time the focus is taken off of their neck of the woods. Kim Jong-Il really has to be "ronery" with President Barry trying to focus on a tea-and-crumpets talks with Iran, cozying up to the Palestinians, and new ways to "soak the rich". So, he's not paying attention to the little sawed-off dictator with the bad hair-do. As for those threats towards South Korea? They don't appear to be concerned, but they are watching this missile test, and they're not buying the whole "launching a satellite" story being pushed by the NorKs. On thing's for sure, the last thing Kim Jong-Il wants to do is repeat his previous failed missile test. You haven't seen "ronery" until you get labeled a loser.

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