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Monday, February 23, 2009

Oh goody! Mr. Gaffe-tastic will oversee the stimulus plan

We know, we know. There are a lot of people that at the time this was announced wanted the world to stop so they could get off. I mean, after all, what could possibly go right with Vice president Joe "Mr. Gaffe-tastic" Biden heading this up,right? Yes, I'm being snarky, but it's a slow news day, and I hate missing an opportunity to note when Biden's allowed out of his undisclosed location:

President Obama has turned to his own vice president to oversee implementation of the $787 billion economic stimulus package, part of which will be available this week for state Medicaid programs.

Obama announced his decision before the National Governors Association in Washington on Monday, saying Vice President Joe Biden will help ensure the distribution of the money is not just swift, "but also efficient and effective."

"The fact that I'm asking my vice president to personally lead this effort shows how important it is for our country and future to get this right," he said.

Hey Barry, you may live to regret this move. You know, sort of like letting Biden swear in the White House staff?

Biden, in his new role, would meet regularly with key members of the Cabinet, governors and mayor to make sure their efforts are speedy and effective. He is expected to make regular reports to the president that will be posted online at www.recovery.gov.

With Biden at the helm, $15 billion from the recovery package will be freed up Wednesday for the health care programs, Obama said.

The administration projects the money will help states struggling with budget deficits and maintain Medicaid coverage for 20 million recipients.

Except the fact that most states out there have deficits that will barely be scratched with the money they're receiving. Too much of the stimulus is going to pay for special interests who got President Barry elected, like ACORN and unions. The money is being misspent on things that will not provide any sort of stimulus to the economy in the short term, and the long term look by many economists is when the bulk of the spending occurs, after 2010, is that it will be too late to turn things around. Most economists agree that we needed to ease the tax burden on the people, businesses, and investors so that the capital from those three demographics could be put into the economy.

Responding to some criticism of unemployment assistance in the stimulus from GOP governors, Obama also urged governors and lawmakers not to lose perspective on the package. He said the subject of debate composes just a "fraction" of the overall plan.

The unemployment aspects of the stimulus is a raise in welfare payments (the stimulus killed the cap enacted under Clinton and the GOP Congress under Welfare Reform), and an extension of medical assistance via Medicare/Medicaid to the unemployed. The assistance should have come in the form of job training for those out of work so they could find another job in a new industry, or something akin to that. Just handing out more welfare money doesn't help anyone unemployed right now locate another job.

Obama also appointed Earl Devaney, the inspector general at the Interior department, to serve as watchdog for the distribution of the funding.

Did anyone else catch that? Biden's been tapped to make sure the stimulus money is spent effectively and efficiently, but yet Mr. Devaney will be overseeing the distribution of the money? Can anyone say redundant? Or is this a shrewd move on President Barry's part to make sure Mr. Gaff-tastic has a babysitter? I'm guessing it's the latter so that it keeps Biden out of trouble, and off the media's radar.

As for the oversight, well, don't hold your breath. Remember, Mr. Gaffe-tastic used to be a senator. When was the last time you knew of any member of Congress, former or current, taking the oversight of funds seriously? And as you contemplate that, remember it was the Democrats in Congress that are forcing this nation to eat the "crap sandwich" that President Barry claims is the best stimulus plan that money printed can buy.

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