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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dear IRS ....

Consider this your chuckle-worthy post of the day. (HT to JammieWearingFool.) It's also worth noting that Ed Barnett got an awesome write up in the New York Post for this letter. This is a prime example of sarcasm, and it's great to see more people taking note of the fact that the Congress is run by a bunch of crooked people who believe they're above the law, and that the president's administration is full of tax cheats. One would think that this would get more widespread play, but the media isn't going to give this guy the time of day. Why? Because in the age of Obama sarcasm and dissent is unpatriotic, at least int he Left's eyes. Nevermind the fact that for eight years that's all they did with President Bush.

I'm all in favor of the nation actually following through with Mr. Barnett's suggestion, but that'll never happen. Know why? Because the people of this nation are afraid of what might happen if they refuse to pay their taxes. I don't know why. I'd embrace that single act of civil disobedience for the sheer fact that we are literally facing taxation without representation again. (Yes, I know we have elected monkeys in Congress who claim to represent us, but do they really? After all, when was the last time the Congress actually listened to it's constituents? The last time I recall that happening was in 2006 with the immigration amnesty debates.) Besides, the government doesn't have enough prisons to put us all away. We're constantly hearing about prison overcrowding and a desperate need to build more of them. A one year refusal of every taxpayer to pay their taxes just might be enough of a message sent to DC to make these idiots listen to us finally.

Publius II


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