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Saturday, March 28, 2009

On Liberty and Tyranny Part III

It's still the number one book sold on Amazon. That's quite impressive seeing as how the last time I saw a book like this with such a following was when Bill Bennett released his "America: The Last Best Hope" two volume set which also climbed up the charts. I only note that because, much like Mark's newest work, people were clamoring for that sort of writing. Not just conservative, in origin, but a primer on the way things used to be, and how they have changed.

I write this tonight because I have spent the last five days listening to Mark Levin's show, and each night he has discussed his book. No surprise that people called in with favorable reviews of the book, or congratulations to him. In his discussion with Mr. Levin on Wednesday, Rush noted that this is the book people have been waiting for. Well, at least conservatives have been waiting for. As I stated in my review of it here (which generated quite a bit of buzz in the comments and e-mails; I'll have to address the e-mails later this week) the book lays out the fundamental and inarguable differences between us, and those that we commonly refer to as liberals. Mark makes the distinction even clearer. No longer should they be called liberals. They are Statists.

But back to his show. People are gushing over his work, and many are stating they can't find it in their local bookstores. Have no fear because they have begun another printing of the book, and they will be arriving on book store shelves sometime this week. If you want it, and I know a lot of people do, put you name on a list so you can be called when it arrives, or go to Amazon. They'll ship it, if you order it, as soon as they get a restock.

As readers know, I regularly plop my butt down in a political chat room at night. The days have been long, and I tend to want to relax amongst friends. One of my close associates asked me "What's the big deal with his book?" Well, first off, you have to read it to understand it. Secondly, couple that book, and it's message, to the recent string of Tea Parties popping up across the nation, and you can clearly see a connection.

We, the people, are just plain fed up with the Statists trying to tear down our nation. They do so with respect to the laws, to our liberties, and to the Constitution which we defend regularly. THIS is why his book is so prescient right now. It is a call to arms, if you will. Not in the sense that most would claim that phrase means. By no means is Mr. Levin calling for an armed uprising. But what he is calling for is for conservatives to wage an ideological fight against the Statists and their goals.

In short, the time to act is now before we have no recourse left. But we must be armed, and his book is just one of the books we should all have. Not only should we have it, but we had better read it, often, and commit to memory what it means to be a conservative, and what the Founders expected from future generations.

Below is a list of books I recommend for every conservative to read. They're not easy reads, to say the least, but they're ones we should read. To fight back the Statist tyranny we face, we need to be armed. So, I give you my library that I have read, repeatedly, and I urge conservatives to read them if they haven't already.

America: The Last Best Hope
The Debate on the Constitution
The Federalist Papers
The Anti-Federalist Papers (One must know the other side of the argument.)
de Tocqueville's Democracy in America
Justice Joseph Story's Commentaries on the Constitution
The Heritage Guide to the Constitution

These are the key books in our library we refer to when it comes to conservative principles, and originalist jurisprudence. They are our "bibles" (forgive the term, but we have no master above that of God and the Constitution). To know the Constitution, and to know our liberties is to know these works. Read them. Learn them. Understand them. The ideological fight continues, and we need every able bodied man and woman to be armed with the finest refutations to the Statist's overall goals.

Publius II


Anonymous Joe Gringo said...

I bought B.Bennett's "America, The Last Best Hope" for my then 11yr old son last Christmas, we both loved it.

Looking forward to Mr. Levin's book, thanks for the recommendation of the The Heritage's Guide to the Constitution.

March 30, 2009 at 2:09 PM  

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