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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Addressing our readers ....

No, we're not ticked at you guys, but our inbox continues to contain mail asking us why we haven't commented on Meghan McCain, and her complete and utter nonsense that she's been saying about conservatives. Allow me to answer that for the inquiring minds:

#1 -- She's Meghan McCain. She thinks she's important, and she's nothing more than a media wh*re. She's looking for her fifteen minutes of fame because she's riding on daddy's coattails.

#2 -- She doesn't speak for conservatives. We speak for ourselves. She probably believes that because her father was our nominee in 2008 that he's the "leader" of the party. She couldn't be more wrong.

#3 -- She's pushing daddy's Republican ideals. John McCain is not a conservative. He's a moderate Republican that the conservative base can't stand. All due respect to the man for his military service, but his political service has been less than stellar.

#4 -- Harping on her is the equivalent of watching and worrying about who the next contestant on American Idol Idiot will get booted. (Can we just boot the show already?)

#5 -- Anyone who gets "creeped out" that Karl Rove is following them on Twitter is proving their obtuseness. "Following" on Twitter are the people who read what you post. Don't worry Meghan, he's not stalking you. Besides, he's married, and you were never his type.

#6 -- Despite the fact that fisking her would be rather amusing, the pain of having to read her opinions can't be handled by over-the-counter painkillers. Her convoluted advice to the Republican Party will turn it into a watered-down version of the British Tory party. We already have one major party pushing socialism in America. We don't need two.

#7 -- As Geraghty the Indispensable points out her grasp of historical facts isn't exactly spot-on. (To be fair to her, however, as she's not conservative she probably has never read National Review or The Campaign Spot; the latter being the first blog we're aware of to track a presidential campaign.)

#8 -- Last but certainly not least, it's Meghan McCain for crying out loud. Paying attention to her would be like paying attention to other idiots out there like Perez Hilton. Give us a break, folks. We're legitimate bloggers here. You want Meghan McCain news, try looking at TMZ or some other celebutard-watching site.

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