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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pat Toomey is in the race

No longer speculation, folks. His site is up, and they are accepting donations. I just sent off our first contribution. Send off yours so we can get rid of Lincoln Chafee-lite Arlen Specter. It's time to send Specter packing because we've had enough of his unacceptable shenanigans. And if you think he'd be worth keeping around remember that he was the 60th vote the Cryptkeeper (AKA Harry Reid) needed to ensure a filibuster-proof vote. You might also be interested to know that when confronted on Hannity's radio show, and Hannity told him to hold off so that the bill could be adjusted "by both sides of the aisle," Specter brushed off the plea, and claimed "we have to act now."

Uh-huh. And what has the stimulus bill done for us since it was passed? Not much, except it gave the president a paltry talking point or two that he used yesterday in his speech before Georgetown. But according to Specter they had to act immediately. Well, that action -- the actions taken by an uneducated Congress; remember that most that voted in favor of it never read it -- is going to cost him.

I'll tell you who we feel sorry for right now. That'd be John Cornyn who is the head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. That's the committee that supports Republicans running for reelection, and targeting vulnerable Democrats. Why do we feel sorry for him? Because he's backing Specter. It's a tough pickle to be in for him, and don't blame him. He's doing his job as the chair of that committee.

But this shows that, once again, we shouldn't be giving money to the GOP or any other PAC that raises funds for the GOP. I know that's going to pi$$ off a few Republican friends that we have, who claim we need every dime we can muster to take out Democrats in 2010. The problem is that while Specter may vote with his party 70% of the time, he gets important, key votes wrong, and when that happens, we suffer for it. And if you give money to the GOP PACs, that money is going to earmarked for Specter because he's up for reelection in 2010. This is the same lesson we had to hand out in 2006 when we dealt with Lincoln Chafee.

So get out there and help Pat Toomey. Let's make sure we can take out one of the problems in the GOP caucus in the Senate. Toomey lost last time in his primary fight with Specter because President Bush flew into Pennsylvania to campaign for him. This time, there is no Bush. And Specter was, with the backing of his supporters, hoping for an open primary so that Democrats could cross over and support him. Why? Because the poll numbers show that he has a lot of support from Democrats. He's even gone so far as to urge Democrats to switch parties so they can vote for him in the primaries because he knows he likely won't win the primary against Pat Toomey.

This is the sort of Republican Arlen Specter is. He's an opportunist, and he's a RINO. It's time the Republicans in Pennsylvania -- and conservatives across the country -- oust this sad joke from the Senate. Give to Pat Toomey. Every little bit helps, folks.

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