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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Housekeeping post

Yeah, yeah, I know. Yesterday was Monday and usually there's a post or two up. Forgive me, but I am in the middle of fighting a nasty spring/summer cold. The temps here in AZ have been taking some serious swings, and it's led me to get this bloody thing. So yesterday I just focused on work and nothing else. Just because I didn't post anything doesn't mean I didn't keep up with the news. So, here we go with a couple thoughts on recent things ...

First, the Somali pirate incident. I'll give the president this much credit, and nothing more: Unlike Jimmy Carter, he didn't screw it up. He left standing orders that a should Captain Phillips' life be judged to be in danger, the captain of the USS Bainbridge could take action. And when Captain Phillips jumped out of the lifeboat for the second time, US Navy SEAL snipers took the advantage they had been waiting for. The administration rushed out after the ordeal to claim credit, as if the president had been plugged into the situation 24/7. Well, here's my gripe. We don't believe he was as plugged-in as the media is portraying it. As a matter of fact, Jeff Emanuel wrote an eye-opening piece at Pajamas Media about what really happened and I'd take his word over the media's and the administration's. Know why? Because he's a former spec-ops guy, himself, and a well-known and respected blogger who's won a Pulitzer, and is the guy in charge at RedState. He's got no reason whatsoever to embellish a damn thing, and his former job sort of makes him an expert on exactly how this situation went down in the closing moments. Give credit where credit is due? I did. Barry didn't turn the situation into a new Iranian hostage crisis. He didn't screw it up. He let the military do it's job. Now can the slobbering media move on, already?

Second, there's a certain amount of hullabaloo going on here in Arizona surrounding the president's invitation to give the commencement address to ASU's graduating class. The flap has originated in ASU's initial decision to not give Barry an honorary degree, which is the norm. The decision to do this comes with the fact that the man really has accomplished little. Well, ASU's taken some serious flak over the decision. For example, this past Sunday the Arizona Republic ran a snippet from an in-state blogger named Joanie Flatts. She writes:

"Notre Dame will present President Obama with an honorary degree when he speaks at their commencement. ASU wasn't planning to simply honor the president when he visits Tempe for the May 13th commencement. An ASU spokesperson told the student newspaper the president's 'body of work is yet to come. It's inappropriate to recognize him at this time." Someone must have reminded President Crow that the entire world thinks being elected the first Black president of the United States is a pretty big deal. ASU is now flip-flopping. The president will likely get an ASU honorary degree. Shame on ASU for embarrassing Arizona."

No, shame on Ms. Flatts for embarrassing this state by pretending to be a sentient human being. I'll explain that in a second, but to back up the point I'm about to make. Also in the same paper on Sunday, and same section, was a story about this ASU flap. In a piece entitled "ASU names scholarship for Obama" is this little nugget:

Some disagreed with the decision not to award the degree, including ASU student Brian Goegan, who last year was president of ASU Students for Obama.

Goegan argued that Obama has already made significant accomplishments as a U.S. senator and as the nation's leader.

Now here's where I lower the boom on Ms. Flatt, and Mr. Goegan. If the intent is to imply that his accomplishments begin with being the first black president elected (Ms. Flatts, please take note of the appropriate lack of a capital "B" starting off the word Black? In her professional life she's in public relations. I'd expect more of such a person, but I digress.) then only someone who is stuck on and infatuated with race could claim this as an accomplishment. Why? Again, let me explain ....

Did Barry ask to be born black? No. Did he have any control over it? No. As we live in America, any man or woman, regardless of race, creed, color, or religious denomination has the equal opportunity to succeed. Only the Left seems to be hung up on color. Every time I ask for a list of Barry's accomplishments his color -- being the first black president -- is the first thing thrown in my face. Folks, I'm not impressed. We have had black politicians before, and most of those in the past have a resume that blows Barry's right out of the water. I want something solid and tangible. And no, being a senator isn't necessarily an accomplishment, either. Especially not coming out of Illinois, and riding the coattails of the Chicago Machine. You've got to give us something more than "Well," usually said in an indignant manner, "he IS the first black president." Whoopty-doo. Color barrier was broken decades ago, so that really isn't a snappy retort. We agree with ASU for turning down his honorary degree, and we chastise them for giving into the Obama-zealots that are throwing bricks at them.

He has accomplished exactly squat regardless of the job one gives him. From state senator, to US senator, to US president the man has no significant accomplishments, unless you'd like to cite his 130+ "present" votes in the Illinois state Senate as an accomplishment. Or perhaps the fact he voted against, and lobbied his colleagues against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act in the Illinois Senate. Or maybe it's him breaking his word he wouldn't run for president after being elected to the US Senate, only to serve 143 days before forming his presidential exploratory committee. If these are the accomplishments supporters like Ms. Flatt and Mr. Goegan would like to cite, then I'll be happy to meet them on the "field of battle" and verbally brow-beat them into submission that their support is for a man in an empty suit whose only accomplishments aren't accomplishments at all, unless you take his color into account.

Oh, and speaking of commencements, yes we're aware of his addressing the Notre Dame graduating class, and the fact Notre Dame is giving him an honorary degree. That's their choice, but if I were an alumni of Notre Dame, they wouldn't receive any more money from me. Both Marcie and I consider it an affront to have the most pro-abortion president speaking to the graduating class of a Catholic university. Bishops and cardinals are right to condemn Notre Dame for that decision (the commencement address). It's an embarrassment for Notre Dame, and we hope they've been bombarded by mail, e-mail, and phone calls from alumni informing them that the money is hereby shut off because of their decision. It's one thing to swallow your pride, and sit in the same room with someone you disagree with. It's an altogether different matter when you allow a person who lacks the basic fundamental beliefs about life to "onward and upward" speech to a gathering of graduates.

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