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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

No, the "little people" can't see the "Scare Force One" photos

This is retarded. Barry spends almost $330,000 to send Air Force One to Manhattan to buzz the skyscrapers in a photo-op -- a photo-op WE paid for -- and Barry doesn't want to release the photos. What, were the photos ruined by the panicked masses on the ground?

The $328,835 snapshots of an Air Force One backup plane buzzing lower Manhattan last week will not be shown to the public, the White House said yesterday.

"We have no plans to release them," an aide to President Obama told The Post, refusing to comment further.

The sole purpose of the secret photo-op, which sent thousands of New Yorkers running for cover, was to take new publicity shots of the presidential jet over the city.

"The photos . . . are classified -- that's ridiculous," Councilman Peter Vallone Jr., said.

The photos have not technically been "classified," a White House aide said, but they are being kept from public view.

New Yorkers said they could not understand how a president who shares intimate snapshots from the White House could justify keeping these secret.

"So we're not gonna see the fruits of this cruel joke?" said Frank Antonelli, 39, one of the Wall Street traders spooked by last week's flyover.

Folks, you know why Barry the Buffoon doesn't want to release the photos? Because he's embarrassed by the stunt. He can spin it as though he didn't have any knowledge of the photo-op (he's lying about not knowing about it), but the simple fact remains that this bone-headed idea blew up in his face. Maybe 9/11 didn't happen for Barry, but it happened for the rest of this nation. It seems as though the only people who have forgotten are liberals, and with this stunt that was pulled last week they're also fairly insensitive about it.

Why not just release the damn photos, and take the hit for the day or two? This stunt just goes to show the narcissism of this president. He was wrong in approving this photo-op, he knows it, and he doesn't want to own up to it. Nope, he wants to sweep it under the rug. And will the "tingling" media ask him why he's keeping the photos under wraps? Of course not. They're too busy wondering what has enchanted the president in his first 100 days.

I'll be honest, folks. I don't know what's worse. The president's hubris or the slobbering love affair the press is having with him. If I were Michelle Obama, I'd be jealous.

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