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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Babs Boxer -- still swallowing her feet

Folks, you simply have to love the comedic efforts of those in Congress. Even if you don't think they're funny, they say something that leaves you shaking your head and wondering if they have brain one. I hear this today on Rush's show. I don't often cite Rush's show unless there's a confirmable link I can attribute. But he played it and MSNBC seems to be hiding it. I can't find it anywhere on their website, and no search seems to turn it up. So, I cite Rush Limbaugh for this clip; actually the transcript:

RUSH: State-run MSNBC mere moments ago. Also mere moments ago, the same infobabe, Contessa Brewer, had a guest, Barbara Boxer, California, senator. Question: "Rush Limbaugh says he's not retracting his racist comment. That being is, is anything that a tangible substance that the Republicans can pin on Sonia Sotomayor to try to block this confirmation?"

BOXER: Well, I would hope they don't approach this nominee with the idea of blocking her. I would hope they would approach this nominee --

RUSH: Wait a minute! Stop, stop. Hold it. Recue that. This is just unbelievable. Their entire philosophy is to block conservative Republican nominees regardless. What is...? Let me find it here. Well, let me play the sound bite in its entirety. So the first bite, Rush Limbaugh "eating his words." Then they say, "No, not quite eating his words, and then they ask Barbara Boxer about me. I was a bulletin here.

BOXER: Well, I would hope they don't approach this nominee with the idea of blocking her. I would hope they would approach this nominee in a way as a welcoming to the Senate. You know, let's hear from her. Let's hear what her story is. Let's look at her record, and hopefully they can join us and support her. She has more qualification than anyone who's been appointed to the bench in the last hundred years.

Um, time out. Senator Boxer, have you ever heard of people like Joseph Story? His Commentaries on the Constitution are required reading for anyone seeking to know and master Con Law.

How about Chief Justice John Jay, the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, and one of the authors of the Federalist Papers, which, like it's "sister" project the Anti-Federalist Papers, is also required reading for law students. (Don't fault me if you haven't had to read these. Marcie was required to.)

But I sit corrected. Senator Boxer referred to those in the last 100 years. OK.

How about Chief Justice Earl Warren. Granted, I don't think too highly of him, but court historians claim he was one of many lions on the high court, and no one can say he didn't oversee some important decisions.

What about Associate Justice Thurgood Marshall? He was, after all, the first black Supreme Court justice, and I only cite that because the Left keeps repeating the mantra of Judge Sonia Sotomayor being the first "Latina" appointed to the Supreme Court. Article VI of the Constitution speaks of "no litmus test" shall ever be construed to confirm an officer of the federal government, yet the Left demands ethnicity be taken into context. It's irrelevant, and Sen. Boxer's argument falls apart completely under the weight of Justice Marshall's credentials.

And then there is Chief Justice William Rehnquist, who presided over some landmark decisions, and Chief Justice John. G. Roberts who has already has his fair share of landmark decisions.

(My apologies to readers for using Wiki links to the aforementioned justices, but it is for primer use only; get to know these people. Also, I could have added people like Associate Justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas [Auth. Note -- A far more compelling story than Judge Sotomayor] or Samuel Alito, but I opted out of naming so many conservatives with stellar credentials for a reason.)
And the point of this post is simple. Sen. Boxer is an idiot for that statement. There have been at least four justices I cited above that surpass Judge Sonia Sotomayor in terms of knowledge and experience. Two that I cited prior to her time frame that make Judge Sotomayor look like a first year law student.

These were giants on the Supreme Court, like them or hate them for the decisions they presided over. But to hype this woman up the way that Barry's supporters hyped him up is disingenuous, and it's completely dishonest to the American public that will have to live with the decisions she makes during her tenure on the high court.

Please, let's be honest here. She'll still win confirmation, but Sen. Boxer really needs to shut up before she makes a further fool of herself. The BS she's plowing no one is buying.

Publius II


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