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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Issue Up!!

Our apologies to regular readers for not posting anything up on the first, namely the reminders about the new issue of Common Conservative being ready for your perusal, but we had some personal things that needed tending to. So now, in my insomniac state, I offer that reminder to readers. (As always, this post will be on the top of the page for the next 24 hours, so scroll down for updates.)

The Chief kicks off the issue with a piece on the Tea Parties, and the reinforcement those participants should have received in the recent California special election where five of six propositions went down in flames.

Larry Simoneaux discusses what Memorial Day means to him, what it should mean to us, and a reminder that the day doesn't just hinge on those who have died, but those who wear the uniform still protecting this nation.

And Marcie and I offer our take on waterboarding, why it's not torture, and the mistake the administration is making in removing it as an effective interrogation method. (Please feel free to file any grievances with The Chief.)

Shireen Qudosi gives her take on how Barry is fighting this war the wrong way, and she cites a speech he recently gave on national security.

John Lillpop discusses the "alarming" similarities between Bush and Barry, and notes that Barry seems to be a sort of mea culpa for Bush.

Ryan Coates discusses a couple of aspects proving why liberalism fails.

In explaining the differences between principle and politics Jessica Hughes compares the Tea Party attendees with ACORN.

Ralph Reiland tries to wrap his head around the meme from the Left that this time socialism will work.

And J.J. Jackson pulls the anchor leg in this issue by reminding the public of the bitter pill we're forcing future generations to swallow in the name of our own selfishness.

Enjoy reading, and if you like what you read, drop The Chief a line, or drop the authors a note telling them you appreciate what they've done. Hell, even if you disagree, drop the author a note. At least they'll know you're reading them.

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