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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

BREAKING --- Massacre in Tehran

For those that believed the protests and violence was winding down, think again, folks: (HT to Captain Ed)

Security forces wielding clubs and firing weapons beat back demonstrators who flocked to a Tehran square Wednesday to continue protests, with one witness saying security forces beat people like “animals.”

At least two sources described wild and violent conditions at a part of Tehran where protesters had planned to demonstrate.

“They were waiting for us,” the source said. “They all have guns and riot uniforms. It was like a mouse trap.”

“I see many people with broken arms, legs, heads — blood everywhere — pepper gas like war,” the source said.

About “500 thugs” with clubs came out of a mosque and attacked people in the square, another source said.

The security forces were “beating women madly” and “killing people like hell,” the source said.

Gateway Pundit has the skinny on the attack at Baharestan Square. Revolutionary Road has this amazing report from Iran:

In Baharestan Square the Police are shooting. A girl is shot and the police are not allowing to let the people help them.>Cell network down in Baharestan & nearby area

Conflict still in Baharestan Sq they even people who talk with their cellphone

The girl who was shot was taken to a private clinic, not known yet of her well being...alive or not?

People gathered in Baharestan but police & plain cloths don't let the core of the rally to form
All shops and Passages are closed at Baharestan SQ, Gunshot being heard from Jomhori St

Gunshot being heard at Baharestan Square.

About 5,000 Protesters gathered at Sadeghieh Sq, Bassij and Hezbollah attacking them
Hezbollah Attacked to some people trying to gather at Tajrish Square

Army Helycopters flying over Enghelab Sq. Army Vans moving toward Azadi St with heavy Machine Guns.

Protesters gathered at Sepah Sq

More than 3 people have been shot in Baharestan's conflict, The shooting is still continues and conflicts increasing!!!!

(The only corrections made above were spelling corrections.) And here is an update from Revolutionary Road:

>More than 10.000 Bassij Milittias get position in Central Tehran, including Baharestan Sq.

>25 journalist were arrested last night.

>Arrested journalists have been threatend to write in support of Ahmadinejad and his government and not to support popular gatherings anymore.

> Mohsen Rezae popular communications office, in an open letter criticized him for getting back his complaint from the Guardian Council inregards 2009 Iran election

>Army Helycopters flying over Baharestan and Vali Asr Sq.

>'Larijani pressing for Mousavi to be given airtime on IRIB to discuss elections'

>Thousands of detainees family members have gathered in front of Tehran's revolution(Enghelaab)court. The force police has surrounded them.Fervent atmosphere in place and conflict is possible at any moment.

> Emad-e-din Baaghi was served by Enghelab court & warned for interview with Persian media outside Iran.

>Conflict at Baharestan Sq.Even police attack pedestrian by tear gas.

> The Islamic Republic of Iran does not allow under any circustances any form of mourning ceremony for NEDA AGHA SOLTAN

>The streets, squares and around BAHARESTAN (Approx. South-eastern of Tehran) is swarming with military forces, civilian forces, the security motorists

>Baharestan sq and surrounding streets are filled with force police and motorcyclist plain clothes(Basijis)

>Today, as there are demonstrations and gatherings in central areas of Tehran, people's mobiles are being controlled in order to find pictures and videos of current violations

It does seem like the people aren't afraid of the regime's crackdown. It had been speculated that with the force the regime was intending to us that the protesters might just give up. Apparently that's not the fact. The mullahs are walking a dangerous line here. While they have the thugs to beat back the protesters, the IRGC and the Shah's army are refusing to engage these protesters. If, by some miracle, the protesters and Mousavi can convince the military arm to turn against the mullahs their regime is over.

Our prayers are with those today that had the courage to continue marching for freedom in Iran, and for the families of those killed or wounded in this unprecedented, brutal violent reprisal against the people.

Publius II


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