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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

About the Palin anouncement last week ...

More than a few of our regular e-mailers have asked why we posted nothing about her decision to not run for reelection in 2010, and her strange decision to resign as governor by the end of this month. One of the reasons why we haven't said anything about it is that she hasn't tipped her hand. Anything right now, and there has been plenty of "analysis" since last Friday, is merely speculation. We no more know what she's going to do than any other blogger/pundit out there. The most laughable "revelation" that came out on Friday was from Andrea Mitchell. According to one of her "trusted" sources (a friend of a friend, no doubt) Sarah Palin is out of politics.

Funny, that doesn't jive with what Governor Palin said on Friday. She is still helping the Republican party, and conservatives in general. She's just simply out of elected politics at this moment in time. Ms. Mitchell, I'm sure, is a "star" for NBC, but she's about as obtuse as Joe Biden.

Why did Governor Palin resign? The most likely reason is how her family has been treated since arriving on the national stage. NEVER has a politician's family been subjected to such outright vitriolic scrutiny. "Excitable" Andy Sullivan is, perhaps, the most guilty of this. To date he still hasn't let up on his demand that a paternity test to prove, once and for all, that Governor Palin is Trig's real mother, and not Bristol. In the interviews conducted this morning she reminded people that when she was picked to be Senator McCain's running mate last year, the media descended on Alaska like hungry locusts looking for any piece of dirt they could dig up on her. They didn't find anything of serious substance on her, and ignored any questions that people brought up about the competence, experience and judgment of the man who won the actual election.

In fact, we'd contend that it was really pathetic of the media to go after her when she wasn't even the top of the ticket, but that just proves, once again, Senator McCain is a media darling. Despite the hit pieces put out by the New York Times against Senator McCain, the media basically left him alone, and focused all of its collective energies on Governor Palin.

Do we think it was a wise move for her to resign? Honestly? Yes. We are seven-plus months away from the election, and she is still the focus of the media. Regardless of how you feel about her, there has been a concerted effort by the media to destroy her. They perceive her as a threat, which is kind of weird. After all, it was the media that painted the picture of a backwoods hick governor from a state that most people in the nation never paid attention to. So why was she a threat?

Because she's a Conservative. They saw the crowds she attracted for Senator McCain. They saw the money she was able to raise for him. Despite the media's continued caterwauling that they're not "in the tank" for liberals/Democrats, it's obvious they have become the de facto attack wing of the party. And her recent forays into the lower 48 has proven that they couldn't tarnish her star quality in the Republican party. And that translates to a person who could easily raise a ton of money for perspective Republican candidates for the 2010 and 2012 elections.

Before everyone starts jumping on the "she's running in 2012" bandwagon, stop. Think that through. If she's not willing to subject her family to the incessant media scrutiny, why would she invite that all back in four years? Our guess -- our BEST guess -- is that she won't consider another foray into politics (read: elected office) until the kids are grown up and out of the house. She wasn't pleased with the way the media went after her kids. And shame on them for that. The children of politicians have always -- always, always, always -- been off limits.

Before she decides to make another run, if she so chooses, she needs to bone up on a few things. Yes, she's committed to the US becoming energy independent. She stands by the Conservative principle of smaller government and more fiscal responsibility. She stands by the US having a strong national defense. This is the classic Conservative mantra. But we're not going to win the White House on a mantra. Not only must one be able to state the Conservative ideology, but they must be able to articulate it, and debate in favor of it. We're not saying she's inarticulate, but we are saying that she needs to polish her rhetoric.

Does she have a serious chance of winning elected office again? That depends on whether or not she works on what she needs to know, and whether or not she really wants to be back in politics. This is up to her. If she chooses to do what she needs to do to achieve higher office, then so be it. If she opts out, and would rather pursue a quiet life in Alaska, with the occasional jaunt to the lower 48 to help someone out in raising funds, then more power to her.

Now, a few are probably scratching their heads asking why we think her decision was the right one. Well, the answer is above if you read into it our point. Now that she's off the political stage, from this point forward any pieces on her from the media will be perceived as a hit piece, and completely unwarranted. She's technically off the media's radar, and free to do what she wants. The scrutiny should be gone. There should be no more phony ethics complaints hyped by the media. She got the one monkey off her back that just wouldn't go away. Sure "Excitable" Andy will still be writing about who Trig's real mother is (Hey Andy, you're an idiot; Sarah is Trig's mother) but each time he does people will simply ignore him, which is what they should be doing in the first place. It's not like Sullivan's an intelligent human being. He's been shown, repeatedly, to be a hammer thrower with nary a cell in that brain of his.

In short, yes she resigned. Yes, we think it was a smart move. And yes, we HOPE she does come back at a later date to be a bane to liberals; a veritable thorn in their backside. She was a lightning rod to conservatives in 2008, and showed that true conservatives were still around. That's why she needs to stick around because we need to be reminded that the Conservative movement isn't dead. We're in a bit of despair right now because we're seeing a radical in the Oval Office that is changing the America we grew up in, and love so very much.

Four years from now, this nation will wish to God John McCain had won the election. At least then we would've known that the nation was in the hands of people who loved and respected this nation as much as the citizenry does. Now? We're not convinced Barry does. Given what he's done in six months, and the buyer's remorse we're hearing from those who supported him, we're guessing his luster is wearing thin. In four years he may have to rely on ACORN and the Chicago Machine to win again.

But it won't be Sarah Palin who takes him down. She's done for now. Good luck, governor.

Publius II


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