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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Democrat accuses talk radio hosts of being "terrorists"

We chalk this up to just plain, old fashioned stupidity. But it's a predictable comment that we've heard from numerous Democrats for the last decade or so. It's just none have been as brazen as Karen Bass, the California Speaker of the Assembly. From the Q & A with the LA Times:

How do you think conservative talk radio has affected the Legislature’s work?

The Republicans were essentially threatened and terrorized against voting for revenue. Now [some] are facing recalls. They operate under a terrorist threat: “You vote for revenue and your career is over.” I don’t know why we allow that kind of terrorism to exist. I guess it’s about free speech, but it’s extremely unfair.

Unfair? The Constitution was written to be fair and equitable to all. (Save your comments if your going to point out that slavery wasn't abolished immediately and that the Framers inserted the three-fifths clause into the founding document. If that's your case, you don't know what you're talking about.) Talk radio hosts, like any other CITIZEN of the United States, has the right to speak out and voice their opinions. It's called "freedom of speech." In addition the revenue she's speaking of is code for taxes.

The talk show hosts were warning Republicans that if they voted in favor of a tax increase, there wold be repercussions. (BTW, to the eight idiot Republicans that voted for Crap and Tax, you'd better pray the Senate amends the bill so you get a do-over on it because your constituents aren't pleased you saddled them with the largest tax hike in US history.) Call it a "redress of grievances" if you want to when it comes to talk show hosts giving a warning about who might lose their job if they vote the wrong way, or support something that the vast majority of people don't support.

Does Ms. Bass recall Lincoln Chafee? He was warned, repeatedly, by his constituents, by his critics that if he continued to stab the party in the back he was going to be bounced from Congress. He continued to side with Democrats in the Senate, and the people got fed up with him. In 2004 he was tossed from office so fast that his @$$ didn't have a chance to leave skidmarks.

We find it appalling and offensive that Ms. Bass would compare talk show hosts to bloodthirsty animals that seek to murder innocent people because they don't tow the line. She might want to take a look at her own party if she's looking for tactics akin to terrorists. After all, which party strong-arms it's members, or encourages them to cause chaos amidst the general public?

It isn't the Republicans. It's not conservative talks shows. It's today's, modern Democrat party.

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