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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Muslims must unite for the coming of the Mahdi

That ain't our call. That's the "order" from Ali Saeedi the spokesman for Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The Mahdi, or 12th Imam, talk is generating a bit of buzz over there, and he is telling the Muslim nations in the Middle East to basically link arms, and get ready for his arrival: (HT to Ace at AoSHQ)

The spokesman of Iran's Supreme Leader called on neighboring countries to mobilize their forces in preparation for the coming of the savior of Islam and to unite with the Islamic Republic in paving the way for his arrival, an Iranian news agency reported Sunday.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's spokesman, Ali Saeedi, said countries like Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan and Afghanistan should gather together all their forces in order to make drastic changes to prepare for the coming of al-Mahdi al-Montazar, Arabic for "the awaited guided one."

"We still have a long way to go in order to achieve this. We have to train honest forces that can stop the obstacles that may hinder the coming of the Mahdi like the United States and Israel," Saeedi said in statement posted by the Iranian Labor News Agency (ILNA).

Saeedi also said that the supreme leader of Iran is the direct representative of the Mahdi and that obeying him is like obeying the "guided one," who is the prophesized savior of Islam.

"Since the armed forces are commanded by the Supreme Leader, they are thus obeying the orders of the awaited Mahdi," Saeedi said, adding "the Revolutionary Guards and the armed forces in Iran hold religious authority to prepare for the appearance of the Mahdi."

The Mahdi is believed by Muslims to be arriving before Judgment Day to rid the world of injustice. Although present in both major Islamic schools of thought, the Mahdi is more prominent in the Shiite doctrine than the Sunni one.

A couple of thoughts here. It must be great that the Mahdi has his own, personal representative already in place. Christ didn't have that. He had people who spoke of His coming, and what He would bring. But I guess the Iranians think is a better idea. After all, the Mahdi doesn't have to say a thing. Khamenei will speak on his behalf.

Second, notice how the US and Israel seem to be a wrench in their plans? So Iran is calling on all Muslim nations to rally around their flag in anticipation for the Mahdi's arrival. After all, only together can they stop the West's incessant meddling, right? If that's the case then why is it being reported that Iran is sending signals they're ready to talk about their nuke program? I'm aware that according to the Koran Muslims may lie to the infidel to suit their needs. The talks that Iran is supposedly embracing could very well be those lies; a delaying tactic to allow Iran the chance, the time, to finish a nuke.

We warned, in the past, that should Iran get a nuke, they're not going to play chicken with it. Israeli has hundreds at their disposal, and the US has thousands. The nuke, or nukes, that Iran builds will be used to blackmail nations in the region to bow to them. At least until they have a pseudo-Persian alliance to go after Israel. Right now Iran knows we have a weak president running the show over here, and one that has basically resigned the nation, and Israel, to the fact that he can live with a nuclear Iran. Nevermind the fact that the people of this country, and the citizens of the West, really can't afford such a scenario.

What will be interesting to see is how many nations actually rally to the calls from Iran. Notice that two of the nations he mentions are nations which we have liberated. Granted things in Afghanistan aren't looking too favorable right now, and the turmoil in Pakistan gives the JCS many a sleepless night. Turkey isn't likely to join an alliance if Pakistan is involved because they still blame Pakistan for the uptick in violence there. Lebanon would be the only one we could see going along with this, and that's due mostly because of Hezbollah.

While we don't believe in the Mahdi (we are Catholic, not Muslim), the internal debates are interesting. Ahmadinejad is a hardcore believer in the Mahdi. He makes no effort to cover up that belief. He's even alluded to him in his UN speeches. What makes this a dangerous point for the world is that the zealots are getting itchy even after the public protests in Iran over their most recent election. They have no problem cracking skulls to get people to tow the line. And by reminding people that the IRGC and other military factions operate at the behest of the supreme leader, it's a reminder to the public to mind it's manners or face the consequences.

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