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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cap and Tax off the table

From Captain Ed via Politico:

With the fight over health care reform absorbing all the bandwidth on Capitol Hill, Democrats fear a major climate change bill may be left on the cutting-room floor this year.

A handful of key senators on climate change are almost guaranteed to be tied up well into the fall on health care. Democrats from the Midwest and the South are resistant to a cap-and-trade proposal. And few if any Republicans are jumping in to help push a global warming and energy initiative.

As a result, many Democrats fear the lack of political will and the congressional calendar will conspire to punt climate change into next year.

“The reality is [the health reform bill] is going to happen before cap and trade,” said House Agriculture Committee Chairman Rep. Collin Peterson, who’s been working with farm-state senators on the climate legislation. “Who knows if it will ever come out of the Senate?”

This is what happens when the administration overreaches, and burns their political capital on an issue that the majority of America is openly opposed to. A majority of Americans don't want the health care reform to pass as is because it doesn't address the overall problems, which is cost. The reform package won't reduce costs, as Arthur Laffer explained in a WSJ piece today. As he explains, the reform will simply exacerbate the problems we have.

But Crap and Tax was another sandwich no one wanted to eat. It, like health care, won't provide the reform to environmental regulations as Congress believed it would. It would put a lot of people on the unemployment lines, doesn't address the research needed for alternative, renewable energy sources, and won't let us do the two things we really need. It won't make us energy independent, nor will it invest the money to build more nuclear power plants.

It's good to hear Crap and Tax might be finished, but we're a long ways away from that. If we can stave it off until the midterms, and the GOP retakes Congress, we can kill it. Keep up the pressure on Congress. No to Crap and Tax, and no to health care reform. Screw Babs Boxer and her stupidity in attacking the citizens of this nation voicing their opinions and concern on health care reform. She works for us, just like everyone else in Congress. Give them a piece of your mind.

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