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Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Issue Up!!!

It's the first of the month kiddies, and that means that the new issue of Common Conservative has hit the stands, and everyone should be clamoring for this one. See, we didn't coordinate this issue, but one would think we did because we can all guess what most of us are discussing in this issue -- the single most important issue that's facing the nation right now.

The Chief starts us off with a piece on the confirmation of Judge Sonia Sotomayor. While many had hoped she'd be stopped, we knew better, and so did he. But his point in this piece is all about grandstanding, and how the Left did just that in favor of activism as opposed to ruling on the law.

Larry Simoneax touches on the theme of this issue in asking if we're aware of the price tag attached to the health care reform Congress -- the Democrats -- are trying to ram down our throats.

Marcie and I also delve into the health care debate, and while we focus on the fiscal side of it a tad, we also discuss the details the MSM doesn't want to address at all lest they gin up more dissent to it.

Tom Proebsting also discusses the nuances of the president's health care reform idea.

J.J. Jackson is on the health care kick, and he cites a few more things about the plan no one is talking about.

John Lillpop focuses his energies on the Gates/Crowley flap, and the utter disingenuous nature of the subject.

Carolyn Hileman also takes a look at the Gates/Crowley row with an eye of her own; one that's colorblind and damn proud of it.

Jeff Lukens observes how we are moving more towards Orwell's "1984" than most people believe.

And Carey Roberts rounds out this issue with an observation about how the so-called economic recovery is hurting males disproportionately.

As always, have fun reading, kiddies.

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