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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Issue Up!!!

Yes, it's that time again. The new issue of Common Conservative is published and awaiting you yearning eyes and minds.

The Chief starts off this issue with the question of "Is Obamacare jinxed?" Given the resistance he's meeting with it, we'd wager our guess at "yes, it's jinxed."

Larry Simoneaux, as always, imparts wisdom we could only hope to gain in our lives, and this time around readers may want to pay attention to his lesson.

And Marcie and I, always on the cutting edge of news and current events, deal with the constitutionality of President Obama's appointed czars.

Ralph Reiland kicks off the guest columns with his opinion of President Obama's impression of the Hindenburg. Trust us, he's closer to the truth than the MSM is.

Dr. Robert Owens addresses the hoax that is Barry's health care reform.

John Lillpop "brings out his Ted" in a piece critical of the treatment Senator Kennedy received after he died. (We know it's not right to speak ill of the dead -- de mortuis nil nisi bonum -- but to whitewash his career is a tad far, and Mr. Lillpop agrees with us.

J.J. Jackson highlights how we are slowly losing our freedoms in exchange for security now. We're reminded of what Benjamin Franklin said about this, and Mr. Jackson is spot on.

Paul Ibbetson looks at life under the Obama administration, and he detects the scent of lemons in the fold.

And Carey Roberts finishes off this issue with a reflection on what it's like to argue with a guilty liberal willing to fall back on the talking points and cliches of their empty lives (and heads) when confronted by facts.

As always, should I post anything further, it will be below this post. This one stays at the top of the page for 24 hours, folks, so you have a quick reference to the columns published.

Enjoy reading!!

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