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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The video is authentic; the claims made don't appear to be so.

Yesterday James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles released yet another damning video in the ACORN saga. In the video, Theresa Kaelke, the ACORN worker, makes several claims. Among them -- one minute into the video -- she claims to have killed her ex-husband (in self-defense, she claims), but police have spoken with one of her former husbands who is alive and well, and unaware of any deaths his former wife may have caused: (HT to Captain Ed)

Since she claimed on the video to have killed her husband, two San Bernardino police homicide detectives interviewed her at the office Tuesday.

Police said they have been in contact with Kaelke’s former husbands and the homicide claims do not appear accurate.

“At this point, we can’t prove that there’s anything to her statement,” said San Bernardino police Sgt. Dave Dillon. “We can’t show that ever happened.”

One of her ex-husbands, Ronald Kaelke, 66, of Newberry Springs, said he was unaware of any investigation or that his ex-wife had made any claims of murder.

The couple divorced in 1987, but attempted to reconcile and lived together from 2002 to 2005, Ronald Kaelke said in a telephone interview. In 2007, the couple traded allegations of domestic violence and received separate restraining orders against each other, he said.

“As far as her murdering an ex-husband, that’s news to me,” Ronald Kaelke said. “She’s definitely got problems and goes off the wall sometimes.”

It's very clear from watching that video -- four times, mind you -- that something is definitely not right with Ms. Kaelke. Her constant movements makes one think she might be on drugs, and her rambling diatribe about being involved in prostitution earlier in her life (and utter disregard for the law) shows her to be the same sort ACORN likes to employ rather than the exception. That is, after all, what ACORN wants people to believe, that these people are anomalies. But we've seen from Baltimore, Washington, DC, Brooklyn, and now San Bernadino that these are not exceptions to ACORN's supposed rules. They seem to be the norm.

It also appears that Ms. Kaelke likes living in a fantasy world. In the video she tells the undercover duo to talk to a man named Tim Miller in the neighborhood, who does answer the duo's questions. When they return to Ms. Kaelke she tells them they have nothing to worry about from neighbors when they do get their home to run as a brothel because she tells them she'll "threaten their lives" if they talk about the brothel. This is the thuggish behavior that is commonplace with ACORN. Intimidation is the soup of the day, and no doubt ACORN has used violence in the past to have its way.

But Ms. Kaelke is clearly not a stable individual. The rest of the video she trips and falls right into the same trap that James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles had laid before for other ACORN offices. She openly discusses their prostitution plan, and is all too eager to help in all aspects. The actions that Ms. Kaelke takes in helping them are clearly illegal, including the admission she can help Mr. O'Keefe "hide" his money in his "run" for political office. Just because the most egregious claims may not be true doesn't diminish the story. This Ms. Kaelke is still breaking the law with the advice she's giving them, and willingly abetting them in criminal activity.

And as an update to the Brooklyn story New York City council has suspended all taxpayer money going to ACORN, pending an investigation; the same one launched by attorney general Andrew Cuomo:

State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo yesterday launched an investigation into pork-barrel grants given to ACORN by state lawmakers, as City Council Speaker Christine Quinn froze all city funding earmarked for the scandal-scared community-activism organization.

The actions by the Democratic officials followed release of a shocking undercover video that showed employees at a Brooklyn ACORN office giving illicit financial advice to activists posing as a pimp and prostitute who wanted to start a brothel.

This was a gutsy move on Ms. Quinn's part, but she's left with no alternative because the people are outraged that ACORN is giving illegal advice to a couple looking to start a brothel; one that, as they explain to ACORN personnel, would include underage El Salvadoran girls.

Cuomo has a real problem here. He's trying to look tough, but focuses on "pork-barrel grants" as opposed to investigating the crimes, and the possibility that ACORN may be committing more behind closed doors. The Brooklyn video is a smoking gun, and could give Cuomo the back-up he needs to really go after ACORN. His problem is the upcoming election. He wants to unseat Governor David Paterson, and his largest hurdle in the way to the governor's mansion is Rudy Giuliani. If Giuliani jumps into the race Cuomo's going to need ACORN's help. So this piddley investigation will amount to little or no headaches for ACORN and that means that ACORN skates, yet again.

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