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Friday, October 16, 2009

New Issue Up!!!

It's the 16th of the month, and you all know what that means .... Yes, the new issue of Common Conservative is up and waiting for all of you.

The Chief starts off this issue with a piece on how and why Barry lost the Olympics.

Larry Simoneaux takes a look at a recent story that hit headlines around the country. The story will make you shake your head.

And Marcie and I round out the staff columns with a piece defending General McChrystal and his strategy in Afghanistan.

Starting off the guest pieces this issue is John Lillpop and he explains why Barry should have received the Nobel Peace Prize. (Tongue-in cheek warning.)

Ron Lipsman gives people a fly-on-the-wall perspective into liberal academia. Mr. Lipsman is a college professor who experienced an epiphany of sorts which made life a little rough for him on campus.

Don Hanks takes a look at the H1N1 vaccine, the company behind it, and Kathleen Sebelius's idiotic mandate that "everyone should take this vaccine." (For the record, I've never had a flu shot, and I'm not taking this one; same thing goes for Marcie.)

Ralph Reiland observes that Atlas is beginning to shrug.

Dr. Rossen Vassilev examines the checkered past of the new head of UNESCO, a former Communist apparatchik from Bulgaria.

Paul Ibbetson takes a closer look at today, and compares it to the original "Planet of the Apes." (And still a superior version compared to the Mark Wahlberg version.)

Enjoy reading!!

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