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Friday, October 2, 2009

New Issue Up!!!

I'm a little late getting this up. My apologies. But the new issue of Common Conservative is up.

The boss slams the MSM for all the stories they have failed to cover while still having the tingles for the president.

Larry Simoneaux takes Democrats to task for their incessant demand that Joe Wilson apologize for his outburst.

And Marcie and I tackle the recent undercover stings against ACORN.

Kicking off the guest columns is Harold Witkov who applauds George Stephanopoulos for hitting Barry with a high, hard fastball question as opposed to the tee-ball questions he normally faces.

Ronald Rohlfing takes the media to task over their attempt to keep a lid on the Tea Parties and Freedom Rallies.

Carolyn Hileman takes a walk down memory lane, and reminds us that we only have thirteen months to go until the midterms.

Dr. Robert Owens also slaps the MSM around for their inability to, well, report the news.

Carey Roberts examines a scandal involving domestic abuse shelters.

And Michael Silverstein discusses the curb tax, and how detrimental it is to taxpayers.

Enjoy reading, and remember that this will stay at the top of the page until tomorrow.

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