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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Issue Up!!!

It's the 16th, folks, and that means the newest issue of Common Conservative is up for you all to enjoy.

The Chief kicks off this issue with his amusing look at Barry's czars.

Larry Simoneaux discusses steps for health care reform.

Marcie and I take a look at the latest victim of Barry's bus, Van Jones.

Juan A. de Hoyos takes a look at the Tea Parties, and why they truly represent democracy in action.

John Lillpop examines the Wilson affair, and compares it to how Democrats behaved towards the president before Barry was in the White House.

Carey Roberts also looks at the Wilson affair, but from the perspective of examining who the real liar in the fiasco really is.

J.J. Jackson compares Barry's push for health care reform to the hapless, lazy George Constanza.

Ralph Reiland looks into Barry's claim about uneeded surgeries, and notes the American College of Surgeons isn't pleased with the president slandering them.

Carolyn Hileman looks into what our nanny state president is doing with our hard-earned money.

As always, should there be any updates on pressing stories of the day, they are below this post so scroll down.

Have fun reading!!

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