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Thursday, November 26, 2009

The most ideologically-partisan, incompetent Cabinet ever?

Above, courtesy of Say Anything blog (HT to Hot Air's headlines) is a visual of the amount of private sector experience in every presidential Cabinet going back to Teddy Roosevelt. Notice anything?

Yes, that's correct. Barry's Cabinet doesn't even have 10% experience in the private sector, and yet this administration is trying to tell the private sector how it's supposed to work and act. Remember, this is an administration that fully embraces its pay czar who, under the leadership of the president, is telling businesses what is and isn't fair pay. This is an administration that is telling GM and Chrysler how to run it's businesses. (Granted, they took the money, but they're literally telling these companies what they have to make.)

The simple fact is that Barry has surrounded himself with ideological cronies and eggheads that lack the basic experiences necessary to run the administration, and by default the nation, competently. And while I'll agree that having people from the private sector within the administration doesn't necessarily mean that they'll do a good job in the administration, experience is a big plus that can't be overlooked. Apparently Barry's hyperpartisan, ideological politics took precedence as opposed to fulfilling his campaign promise of ending DC politics as usual, and bringing in competent thinkers to help him accomplish that. (No, neither of us bought the shovel-ready BS Barry was spinning during the campaign, but attempting to keep his promises may have helped stave off the mass departure of independent supporters that are leaving the Democrats in droves.)

The other question we should ask about this graphic is does this include his czars, too? The majority of them answer to no one but the president (though they're supposed to be working with Cabinet members), and their "power" is equal to that of a Cabinet member. So I wonder if this less than 10% private sector experience extends to them, as well, or if this is simply a reflection of the president's Cabinet only.

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