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Monday, November 16, 2009

New Issue Up!!

It's the 16th of the month, folks, and that means Common Conservative's newest issue has been published.

The Chief reflects on the recent special elections held across the nation.

Larry Simoneaux takes a look at the monsters that live among us, in society, and the politically-correct attitude used towards them that affects society, as a whole.

Marcie and I analyze the Obama presidency to date, and notice that he seems to have embodied the worst attributes of presidents past rather than the best.

John Lillpop kicks off the guest pieces with an enlightening look at racial profiling, and how for some it's not always a bad thing.

George Damroth wonders if the Republican party, and conservatives, in general, are smart enough to recognize the opportunity in front of them in the wake of the special election victories they experienced.

J.J. Jackson looks at the recent story of the Planned Parenthood director who quit her job after witnessing an abortion through an ultrasound.

Ralph Reiland examines the real stimulus numbers that the Obama administration refuses to acknowledge.

Robert Owens gives the nation a much-needed slap in the face regarding Obama's change, and the legacy the Framers left for us.

Carolyn Hileman rounds out this issue with her own, personal Declaration of Independence; independence from this out of control government being run by the Democrats.

Enjoy reading!

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