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Sunday, November 1, 2009

New Issue Up!!!

It's the first of November which means the new issue of Common Conservative is up for all of you to enjoy.

The Chief looks back on 40 fun-filled glorious years of his life.

Larry Simoneux,/li> discusses change, and what drives his wife nuts.

Marcie and I focus on the one war the White House seems willing to fight -- the one against FOX News and conservative commentators.

I kick off the guest columns with a defense of Rush Limbaugh against the scurrilous attacks he faced from pundits dissatisfied with his desire to become a minority owner in the Rams, and I point out that these attacks are an attack against all of us.

J.J. Jackson takes a look at the brilliance liberals put on display for us daily, and wonders where the smarts are.

John Lillpop addresses Dick Cheney's recent criticism of the president's "dithering" on Afghanistan, and his disastrous foreign policy to date.

Robert Rohlfing examines the game of cups being played in DC right now to the nation's detriment.

George Damroth focuses on the president's vision of America which, according to Mr. Damroth, is a sort of "hybrid socialism."

Peter Stern,/li> puts thing in focus on the issue of our veterans. It's not just honoring their service and sacrifice, but meeting their needs as well.

Enjoy reading!!

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