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Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Issue Up!!

Yada, yada, yada ... you all know the drill. It's the 16th of the month, and that means the new issue of Common Conservative is up and waiting for you guys. So, what're you waiting for?

This post will remain at the top of the page until Monday so you can all just click on the links you want to.

The Chief starts us off with a report card for Barry, and needless to say, it's hardly the "B+" he gave himself. (No doubt Mr. Lindaman remembered not to use a red pen in correcting the president. After all, we don't want to hurt his precious self-esteem.)

Larry Simoneaux examines the airport security measures in light of the attempted Christmas Day jihadist attack.

Marcie and I take a close look at the intelligence failures since Barry took office, and we're pretty sick of the "bureaucratic" excuses.

The Chief kicks off our guest articles with a book review of Leon Weinstein's new masterpiece "Looking for Hugh: The Capitalist Guidebook." (For regular readers, Mr. Weinstein isn't writing about Hugh Hewitt.)

J.J. Jackson wonders if Glenn Beck is the new face of conservatism. (I, personally, wouldn't say he is, but he's a driving force behind the conservative resurgence today.)

Ralph Reiland takes a gander at the wrong-headed ideas coming from Barry's administration in terms of national security and domestic policy.

John Lillpop puts the Democrats under a microscope after their idiotic gaffes regarding race, especially with regard to the president.

Peary Perry takes shots at California for the state's demand that the federal government bail them out because of their own, wrong-headed approaches to fiscal irresponsibility.

And Thomas Glennon pays tribute to two combat veterans that go unnoticed because they don't wear their honor on their sleeves.

Enjoy reading!

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