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Friday, January 1, 2010

New Issue Up!!

Happy New Year, folks! It's the first of the month (and the year) and that means the new issue of Common Conservative is up and waiting for you guys. And not only do we have the usual fare of solid, conservative analysis, humor, and observations, but we also have the annual Common Conservative Year-End Awards where we hand out our acknowledgements to the winners and losers of 2009, so don't miss it. You don't need a ticket to attend, and you don't need to "tango" with Joan Rivers on the red carpet. Just click on over and see what we have to say about the year that's gone by, and the major players involved that we all touch on.

You can always wrap up perusing the new issue with the awards, but let's move onto who has what to say ...

The Chief kicks us off with New Year's resolutions for others. (Believe me, he's got some zingers for the list of idiots, including Kanye West, John McCain and his merry band of moderate Republicans, Seth McFarlane, and, of course, the media-whore, attention-hungry reality show buffoons.)

Larry Simoneaux has some year-end random thoughts we should all, at least, take notice of.

And Marcie and I round out this year by turning our analytical eyes towards the 2010 midterm elections.

Dr. T.R. Morris starts off our guest columns with a piece on prosperity -- the real mover and shaker of the economy.

Stew Bolno has some tips for our side int he coming year when it comes to confronting liberals -- both privately and publicly -- to successfully engage the other side on ideas.

Ralph Reiland rains all over the environmentalist's Christmas with some thoughts regarding their "religion."

Carey Roberts takes note of the EPIC failure of the Copenhagen summit, and the fact that this whole climate change BS is nothing more than a ruse for the weak-minded.

John Lillpop has a timely piece about Barry, and the message he is sending to terrorists everywhere. It's not a pretty message, nor is it one that is safe for America.

And J.J. Jackson rounds us out this issue with a solid piece regarding the milquetoast Republicans who have plagued our ranks long enough; let's hope those same people will meet the fate Marcie and I see on the horizon for 2010.

Happy New Year, and have fun reading!

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