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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Issue Up!!

It's the sixteenth, folks, and that means that the new issue of Common Conservative has been published. Consider it an early Christmas present as some of these pieces are gems.

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The Chief starts us off with a piece discussing those people who are just way too into Christmas. (This isn't a bad things, folks, but it is one of the reasons why I'm a Scrooge until the 23rd of December.)

Larry Simoneaux asks for society to get serious about certain things, and he uses the Maurice Clemmons incident to explain the need for seriousness.

Kicking off the guests this issue is Rock Peters who entertains us with a fine Christmas satire.

Carolyn Hileman takes a look at the "grinches" in Congress, hard at work to wreck the American health care and health insurance industy.

John Lillpop continues the Christmas theme with a piece on the "Top Nine Liberal 'Truths' About Christmas." (This is definitely chuckle-worthy.)

Dr. Robert Owens skips the Christmas theme, but does focus on the recent revelation that global warming/climate change has been a hoax from the start.

J.J. Jackson follows up Dr. Owens with his own piece reflecting his thoughts on the hoax exposed.

Rounding us out this issue is Carey Roberts who joins Dr. Owens and Mr. Lillpop in piling on the false prophets who warned us and cajoled us into believing that man could every, truly, hurt the planet.

Enjoy reading, and have a Merry Christmas!

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