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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

As if they don't indoctrinate our kids enough ...

This should be a story being talked about all around the blogs and on talk radio, but as yet, it hasn't breached the veil. Howard Zinn -- noted socialist and history revisionist -- is teaming up with bigwigs in Hollywood and the History Channel to continue the insidious indoctrination of kids in school regarding American history:

Children are uniquely malleable beings, readily convinced of magically colorful tales – Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy are the first that come to mind. This innocence is beautiful, but it is a quality that can easily fall victim to radically foreign ideas if taught consistently and pervasively at an early age. One need only look at the birth of fascism or socialism to see a recipe for how radical ideas become ubiquitous among a nation’s youth.

Enter Howard Zinn – an author, professor and American historian – who, with the help of Hollywood and the History Channel, intends to change the way our pre-K through high school children learn American history. His current curriculum suggestions, like introducing three-year-olds to the lynching of African-Americans, or quizzing seven-year-olds on which Presidents owned slaves, should be a red flag to parents.

Zinn has spent a lifetime teaching college students about the evils of capitalism, the promise of Marxism, and his version of American history – a history that has, in his view, been kept from students. His controversial 1980-book The People’s History of the United States paints traditional American history as a façade – one that has grotesquely immortalized flawed leaders and is based on principles that victimize the common man. In 2004, Zinn wrote a companion book entitled Voices Of A People’s History Of The United States, which includes speeches and writings from many of the people featured in The People’s History.

These two books have now become the basis for a new documentary, entitled The People Speak, to be aired December 13th at 8pm on the History Channel. The trailer portrays the documentary as a collage of compelling one-person readings, told through the words of “ordinary” people who have struggled throughout American history against oppression. Produced by Zinn, Matt Damon, Josh Brolin, and Chris Moore, the documentary appears to be cloaked, ironically (given Zinn’s admitted socialist agenda), in many of the traditional ideas that were behind our founding. The verdict is still out on the doc, but it is not for the books that inspired the film as well as the educational initiative associated with it.

Perhaps due to their one-sided perspective of America’s past, Zinn’s history books have largely been limited to colleges and universities, until now. In the press release announcing the broadcast, HISTORY introduced a partnership with VOICES Of A People’s History Of The United States, a nonprofit led by Zinn that bares the same name as his companion book, to help get his special brand of history into classrooms.

Delving into Zinn’s nonprofit is where this story gets interesting, and the organization’s grade school educational ambitions concerning.

VOICES’ function is to provide live performances of readings from the book Voices of a People’s History as well as educational materials to schoolteachers. The nonprofit’s site provides teachers with resources, including a teaching guide that explains how to get students excited about Zinn’s history books. Their educational materials also includes the Zinn Education Project, a resource for teaching Zinn’s perspective of American history to – drum roll please – pre-Kindergarten through high school students! Included in the curriculum for pre-K students (that’s three and four year-olds) is “Rethinking Columbus,” which counters “the myth of Columbus.” In Zinn’s view, our pre-K children “need to hear from those whose lands and rights were taken away by those who ‘discovered’ them.”

Another teaching lesson for our three-year-old students is “One Country! One Language! One Flag!” that includes teaching ideas for “examining the history of the Pledge of Allegiance and the political milieu in which it was written.” The teaching plan suggests introducing our pre-K-ers to the lynching of African-Americans in the 1880s, and introducing the history of violence and discrimination against minority groups. It also proposes a discussion on an old “One Language!” chant allegedly used in classrooms up until 1942, and poses teachers with the question, “Why not lead kids in the original Pledge to the Flag, including the ‘One Language!’ chant and the Nazi-like salute, and then lead a discussion about the politics of the Pledge?”

This discussion is proposed for kids age three to seven?

Zinn also includes a youngster version of his influential book entitled A Young People’s History of the United States as an introduction to his untold American History. The publisher of the book highlights a review by the magazine Socialist Review, who proclaimed “Howard Zinn has adapted his People’s History of the United States for younger readers, but in no way do these books pull their punches. Zinn feels the younger reader is entitled to look at US history honestly.”

The background of the board of directors and advisers of VOICES’ can only be described as jaw dropping and begins to show a clear motive behind teaching this predominantly anti-American history at such a young age.

Made up of several notables including Zinn, Kerry Washington, and Marisa Tomei, all of whom make appearances in the documentary, the VOICES board also includes radicals who play a role in our public schools. Brian Jones, a New York teacher and actor, is a board member of VOICES and has also played the lead in Zinn’s play Marx in SoHo.

This is appalling and disgusting. The Left isn't content to brainwash the kids heading to college, so they're now directly targeting the younger kids in their early education. My personal opinion of Howard Zinn is he's a socialist @$$-hat that deserves neither recognition or reverence. He's done severe damage to kids, in general, with his revisionist history of America. I'm not one to sugar-coat American history, but there comes a time where you recognize the failings of a nation, and outright lie about it.

The Hollywood Left don't have a clue about history. They speak as if they're educated on such matters, and they continually show themselves to be plain simpletons; nary a cognitive thought in their empty heads. These people speak on TV or before Congress as if they actually know what they're talking about, and it's quite clear they don't. Those in Hollywood should stick to what they know best -- FANTASY.

If you're a parent, you might want to have a talk with your child's teacher and principal, and inform them that your child won't be participating in this sort of garbage. In fact, you might even want to ask them why they're not using Dr. William Bennett's seminal work, "America: The Last Best Hope" (both volumes, mind you) in the classroom as opposed to the revisionist crap that terrorist-apologist, antiwar zealot Howard Zinn has assembled for the young and impressionable.

It's time that parents start making influential inroads into the schools so throttled by government political correctness, and anti-American sentiment. This is the greatest, freest nation on the face of the planet, and the lone beacon of freedom and hope the world can look to. But people like Howard Zinn, and his Hollywood cronies want kids to see their version of American history. Their version isn't filled with the truth and facts that kids need to know about their country. It's filled with damnable lies, and pushed by a socialist agenda that is apparently unhappy that many kids are actually getting a real education on American history either through good teachers or their parents. so they're moving to subvert that influence.

It's time for parents to stand up and stop this crap. When we lose our history, we lose the legacy left to us by the Founders and Framers. When we lose our history, the next generations have no clue as to why they should be productive in our society, and no clue as to why we should defend and protect this nation from the evils of the world.

Publius II

ADDENDUM: On the subject of indoctrination, a couple e-mailers reminded me to bring up the disgusting and appalling sexual indoctrination of schoolchildren by Barry's "safe-schools czar" Kevin Jennings. Follow the link to Michelle's site and read what this piece of human debris is pushing on the kids in school. Teaching "fisting" in high school? Jennings shouldn't just be fired, he should be in jail for pushing teachers to teach this curriculum to underage kids.

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