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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Issue Up!!

Welcome to the 1st of December. (Only 23 more shopping days for you procrastinators; 24 for those that love to literally wait until the last second on the way to grandma's house.) But I'm not here to remind you of the upcoming holidays. I'm here to remind you that the newest issue of Common Conservative is up and waiting for all of you.

The Chief starts us off with a piece about how the honeymoon seems to be over for Barry.

Larry Simoneaux talks football, and why he's done with the sport. (Can't blame him, really. We watch one football game a year, and it's more for the commercials than anything else.)

And Marcie and I round out the staff articles with a piece on the political correctness that's permeating and wrecking the United States military.

Eric Golub starts off the guest articles this issue with a reminder about what liberty brings to this world, be it the fall of the Berlin Wall, or the liberation of a former despotism like Iraq.

J.J. Jackson takes a look at the KSM show trial coming to New York.

Carolyn Hileman examines the issue of recalling the people in Congress who are consistently screwing over the people.

Ralph Reiland observes the seemingly imperial-like attitude of the president.

John Lillpop reminds us that the president has a job to do when it comes to foreign policy, and he's not doing such a hot job at it.

And Carey Roberts opens our eyes about the lapdogs that are supposed to be watchdogs when it comes to abuse shelters.

Enjoy reading!!

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