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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Say it ain't so!: More Census fraud

On the heels of my post yesterday citing James O'Keefe's investigative report on Census payroll fraud in New Jersey comes this report from Shaughn Adeleye at Big Government about more Census payroll fraud, this time in Louisiana:

From May 3rd to May 8th of this year, I worked for the United States Census Bureau in Lafayette, Louisiana. With the aid of a hidden camera, I witnessed and captured evidence of wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars–one systemic failure after another of this a Constitutionally mandated entity during a time of great recession and high unemployment.

The training course consisted of four three-hour days and one eight-hour day. I was paid for a total of 20.75 hours, 3.5 of which I did not work. I was paid with your money, money that was stolen from you.

On multiple occasions I was given three 15-minute breaks over the course of three hours and was instructed to fill out false ending times. When I confronted the supervisor about the discrepancy, she said she was just “giving us this time” and told me “I think you’re worrying over nothing.” At any business, this would be theft.

We were also coached to indicate government phone numbers were in fact our personal cell phone numbers (a blatant lie) in order to prevent people from calling and harassing us.

When I addressed what seemed to be a discrepancy on my form, I was told to not worry about it: “As long as you don’t have any major felonies or your fingerprints don’t come back as jack the ripper, you’ll be fine.” And yet sex offenders and rapists
find a way to squeeze through the government filter. If a business hired this way, they would be held criminally liable for the actions of their employees.

I had a payroll supervisor tell me not to worry about having been paid for hours I did not work: “I think you are just making a big deal out of it… I would just throw it away.” Yet within a few minutes I was told it was an offense worthy of termination.

I resigned prior to doing any of the enumeration work door-to-door. There have been
other reports around the nation of the systemic waste and abuse on the part of the United States Census. The nation sees it for what it is. It’s the same continual waste of taxpayer funds in a time of need, the fraud that frolics freely through our political landscape, and corruption that would rather see us silent and submissive. The media will say that all government steals, is inefficient, and wasteful, but during this time of budgetary crisis, when everyone else is asked to tighten their belts, Obama’s Census gets to lie, cheat, and steal as much as it can get away with. Obama moved control of the census to directly report to the White House, and yet the quality is dreadful. No one is accountable, no one takes any responsibility, and the media yawns while as much as a billion dollars is wasted.

This is what’s wrong with America.

Mr. Adeleye is quite correct. Since the Census was moved to the White House, it has been nothing more than a barrel of waste and abuse. But are we really surprised? After all, this is the most inept, incompetent, and hyper-partisan presidential administration since Jimmy Carter. (The only difference between Carter and Barry is that Carter didn't adhere to the unions as much as Barry has.)

And where is Congress? They are, after all, the body that should be doing the oversight on the Census. The Census may be routed through the White House, but it's Congress that ultimately spends the money to run the Census. Where are the watchers? This is preposterous to see the Census handled in this fashion, wasting our hard-earned dollars.

Additionally, with the discovery of this fraud, eyebrows should be raised when it comes to the data collected. After all, if these people can't manage their funds properly, then it stands to reason that they're not handling the data properly either. If anyone else is running an undercover operation like the one done by James O'Keefe and Shaughn Adeleye, don't quit after the training. Document everything that happens with the payroll, but we also need to see if supervisors are manipulating the data collected.

Let's see if we can blow this wide open. Payroll fraud is one thing, and heads should roll. But if it's discovered that data is being tainted by Census workers, then there should be criminal prosecution as well. Those in the administration that are overseeing the Census should be dragged in front of Congress for hearings into the malfeasance being perpetuated by Census workers.

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