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Monday, June 18, 2007

Dem Strategy -- Do As You Did In 2006, And Produce Victory

Do you think that title is over the top? We disagree. We think it is spot on. From The Hill today:

Democrats are well positioned to expand their majority in Congress next year, according to a survey of battleground districts released Tuesday.

“The electoral situation could not be better, particularly in the battleground districts where 2008 looks like a repeat of 2006,” read a memo from Democracy Corps, a think tank founded by James Carville and pollster Stan Greenberg.

Despite favorable conditions for Democrats, the group warns that the Iraq war, which is a negative for Republicans, also obscures progress Congress is making in other areas.

“Surprisingly, half [of those surveyed] know a rise in the minimum wage has become law; there is awareness that Democrats have engaged with the President on Iraq and stem cells. Everything else is invisible,” the memo said.
The survey, conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, polled 1,600 people in 70 districts. It found that Democrats are ahead by an average of 9 points in these battleground districts.

If Democrats wants to capitalize on the current political climate, however, they must continue to fight the administration on Iraq but also not lose sight of domestic issues, according to the memo.

And if anyone has been paying attention, especially with regard to the immigration debate, the Democrats have been strangely silent. Ted Kennedy is not going out and defending the bill as vehemently as Lindsey Graham, Trent Lott, John McCain, John Kyl, etc. These are the faces of the debate. Know what they all have in common?

Yes, they are Republicans. Know what else they have in common?

They are infuriating the base as I type this. The GOP base is not pleased with these men, and there is already talk of challenging these people in their next primaries, regardless of whether or not it is in 2008. But 2008 is the next election, and it should be fopcused on. Here is the nasty truth about 2008 right now with regard to Congress. There are twenty-one seats up for reelection in the Senate for Republicans, and I believe nine Democrats are facing reelection. As things stand right now, to quote my wonderful husband, I would not give you a plugged nickel for those twenty-one senators.

This does not simply apply to whether or not the immigratiobn bill pass or not. This goes to the attitude on display for the base, and how they have decided to take off the gloves and come after us. Do they think this will help them win friends in 2008? The report from the Hill regarding the possibility of a 2006-like defeat in 2008 is not unfounded. Plenty of Republicans are saying that they might sit out this upcoming election.


The base has fought against the Left for years. A loss int he Congress is one we can deal with. People that we know say they will vote for president, but they will simply withhold their vote for House and Senate seats. Call it a tantrum if you wish, but at some point a message has to be sent to those that continue to do damage to their own party. Trent Lott, and others are the ones doing the damage to the party, not us.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are the sensible ones. We only want serious security instituted in this bill. We do not believe the federal govenerment and those int he Senate are being serious enough about this issue. And we have a history of feckless behavior from the fed to back up our concerns.

Trent Lott, Lindsey Graham, and John McCain might remember that before they mount the next attack at the base, or the medium that created today's conservative movement. Thomas hit the nail on the head this afternoon: Without talk radio, there would be no blogosphere, and without the blogosphere there would be no movement like today's. Those men should be thanking us for carrying the debate when they themselves refuse to.



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