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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Fred! Headed To UK; Will Meet With Maggie Thatcher

In a move that is sure to head off any talk about a lack of foreign policy credentials, Fred Thompson is going to the UK to give a speech on foreign policy between the US and Great Britain, as well as meeting with former British Prime Minister (and reigning "Iron Lady") Margaret Thatcher. From The Politico:

Fred Thompson, the actor and former Tennessee senator who is expected to announce next month he is running for president, flew to London on Monday to meet Margaret Thatcher and deliver a foreign policy speech, his advisers tell The Politico.

Thompson's advisers aim to use the London events to bolster his foreign policy credentials and elevate him above the increasingly contentious fray of the GOP race.

On Wednesday, he will pose for photos with Thatcher, which his advisers hope will enhance his support among devotees of former President Ronald Reagan.

Thompson will deliver the foreign policy speech, "Strengthening the Transatlantic Alliance," on Tuesday at the Policy Exchange, a conservative think tank based in London.

It will stress the importance of American alliances abroad, his advisers said.

"The speech is mostly about the unique and special relationship between the U.S. and the U.K," an adviser said on condition of anonymity, because the prospective campaign has not publicly announced details of the address. "It is about how we have a responsibility to stand together and lead the Western democracies, protect our civilization and stand together for freedom."

It sounds a lot like something Ronald Reagan would have done, and I am sure that is what part of this is about. Trying to show the nation that the man is very close to what we perceive to be solid conserative credentials. Not that we really needed that given Fred's already decent conservative record.

In addition, The Politico gives us a look into who is involved in his fledgling campaign:

The campaign will also begin rolling out a slate of advisers.

Liz Cheney, the former State Department official and the vice president's elder daughter, is consulting on foreign policy. Longtime GOP guru Mary Matalin, a friend of Thompson, will help shape the campaign's message.

Not a bad slate to have on your side ...



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