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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Idiocy, or is this part of her "grand plan?"

Ready to laugh, folks? Meet Hillary's new national co-chair for her presidential campaign ... Alcee Hastings. Yes that Alcee Hastings. The very same one that was impeached as a federal judge for bribery and corruption, and the same one that almost was the head of the House intel committee. Allah says his chairmanship was derailed by "haters" and those that support Michelle Malkin. Heh. I didn't know the Blue Dog Democrats in the House were such big fans.

Let me just say that we think this is a weird decision on her part. Alcee Hastings helping her run her campaign would be like putting William Jefferson in charge. And no offense to the very junior senator from New York, but this isn't going to instill a whole helluva lot of confidence in those considering voting for her. Alcee Hastings, while as a judge, never really met a bribe he didn't like. Further, why even bother with him? It's not like he's got a butt-load of pull in the House. His star sank quickly after Nancy Pelosi decided he'd be a good majority leader. (Another Blue Dog coup, backed by Steny Hoyer.)

The only thing this addition to her campaign will bring her is more ridicule. I'm going to take a cue from Allah here, and offer our own exit question:

How many missteps can a candidate make before they lose so much support they have to leave the race? Here's a second one, just for the Democrats out there ... How many mistakes can one make, and still get the nomination of the party without ANY questions being asked about how they won?

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