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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lindsey Graham: "I don't want Congress being the cavalry for al-Qaeda."

The lines are drawn folks. On one side, we have the cut-and-run fantasy types. On the other side, we have a stellar cast of characters holding the line. As JASmius at Heading Right notes and Ace at Ace of Spades expands, our guys aren't giving the Democrats any quarter. Jules Crittendon has the money quote:

Despite a steady procession of Republicans calling for a change in course, several lawmakers warned against a precipitous withdrawal.

“I believe that our military in cooperation with our Iraqi security forces are making progress in a number of areas,” said Sen. John McCain …

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, who accompanied McCain to Iraq, also cited progress since Gen. David Petraeus took command several months ago and the additional troops began arriving.

The Iraqis are “rejecting al-Qaida at every turn. I don’t want the Congress to be the cavalry for al-Qaida,” he said.

Ace makes an observation that many of us in the political realm will recognize. There are days when you're pissed at one guy, and patting another on the back. The next day, you'll shaking hands with the guy you wished you could have throttled, and the guy you were patting on the back you're now slapping them in the back of the head:

Now here's the thing: Graham is manning up on this issue while Liddy Dole is calling for all troops to be out of Iraq by 2008. Dole, of course, was with us on immigration, and Graham was against us.

Although the amnesty bill was horrible, it can hardly be doubted that victory over Al Qaeda is more important than virtually any domestic bill.

These people -- Dole, Alexander, Snowe, Collins, even cry-like-a-b*tch Voinovich -- have proven susceptible to constituent outrage friendly persuasion before.

Why not again?

Just because these people bowed to our demands the last time around is not enough to give them a free pass to undermine the war in Iraq. I think it's time for the blogosphere and talk radio full court press again.

Couldn't agree more with Ace there. There's a reason why she's back on the phone, and why we're already starting to tally up some votes here. First, remember that we are evenly split in the Senate right now -- 49 to 49 -- with 1 Independent. Even if the Democrats manage to get these six Republicans (the five listed above and Gordon Smith), that gives them 55 for their side. We know Lieberman will be on our side. That already gives us 44 senators, possibly, to end this debate. (Remember, 41 is the magic number.) So, things look much better than they did a few days ago. But Ace is still right, we need a full-court press on this. 202-225-3121

Ace also nails it with this observation: Wwarning, slaty language that I've editted.)

Allah doubts pressure on them can work because the polls are against the war. I'm not sure that's quite true -- the polls express profound disatisfaction with the war; I'm not sure the public is all jazzed about handing Al Qaeda its own state in Iraq, however.

But even if that's a case -- true, these jerkoffs can't win in 2008 without moderate support. You know who else they can't win without in 2008? Actual Republicans. ...

They are undermining our troops in a war they authorized and surge they championed even as the surge is in its opening phase, and showing genuine success -- and they're encouraging Al Qaeda to kill even more troops.

This slow-bleed strategy is politically cute but militarily deadly -- if they want out of Iraq, they should call for the immediate withdrawal of all troops out of harm's way, not allow our troops to risk their hands, arms, legs, b*lls, and very lives for a war they've already given up on.

Either fight this f*cking thing or call for the immediate withdrawal of all troops, right f*cking now.

Stop killing troops for what they take to be a lost cause just because they fear the political consequences of a stronger, more logical stance.

Stop playing games with our troops' lives.

Or the f*ck with you all. We don't need g*ddamned Republicans selling our nation out to Al Qaeda to pander for votes; we have thousands of Democratic politicians eager to do us that dubious service.

I'm not going to argue with Ace. He's spot on, and I agree completely with his point about the polls. People are tired of this war, and they aren't exactly happy how it's being conducted, but there's no way in Hell that America wants her soldiers home if the result is a defeat at the hands of the Democrats, and the massacre that will surely follow our impromptu departure..

Get on those phones, and either whip these six back in line with the idea that we're going to stay and win this, or let them know you'll enjoy watching them join the ranks of the recrod-low unemployed.

Publius II


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