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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Round-Heels -- Not Exactly America's Best Side

As I sit here and listen to the Senate drone on about retreating from the battlefield, I can sense myself getting very angry. I dislike the rhetoric that I have heard today. I am thoroughly sickened that those in Congress do not seem patient enough to give the Surge a chance to be successful.

We are just two-to-three weeks into the Surge -- the FULL Surge -- and the signs of success continue to grow. Al-Qaeda is on the ropes. They are showing their desperation. Al-Zawahiri has plead for help in his most recent rant on video. The fact that al-Qaeda faces opposition from not only coalition forces, but Iraqi forces, and even former insurgents themselves, speaks to the success we are having.

I have often alluded to my brother in Afghanistan, and the fact that I worry about his constantly. He is a Ranger, and is seeing plenty of action. If we pull out of Iraq now, his worries will increase tenfold. Iraq will become a haven for al-Qaeda, and any of their like-minded associates. Soon after our departure, those terrorists will finish off the new Iraqi government and military, and export their agents to Afghanistan to form a second front against our troops and NATO forces.

This bill cannot be allowed to pass. We must do our part to stop it. You know the number. 202-225-3121.

Call them, please. If you support the mission of our troops -- that they are to engage and destroy al-Qaeda, and any associated terrorists, to secure our national security -- then call your senators and representatives. Here is a list of Senators to contact that are vulnerable, care of Hugh Hewitt, and you should remind them of how vulnerable they are:

Senator Lamar Alexander, Tenn: (202) 224-4944. E-mail link here.
Senator Norm Coleman, MN: (202) 224-564. E-mail link here.
Senator Pete Domenici, NM: (202) 224-6621. E-mail link here.
Senator Gordon Smith, OR: (202) 224-3753. E-mail link here.
Senator John Sununu, NH: (202) 224-2841. E-Mail link here.
Senator John Warner, VA: (202) 224-2023. E-mail link here.
Senator Max Baucus, MT: (202) 224-2651. E-mail here.
Senator Mary Landrieu, LA: (202) 224-5824. E-mail here.
Senator Mark Pryor: (202) 224-2353.
E-mail here.

Raise the roof on this one. This is more than just letting the troops finish the job in Iraq. It goes to our own national security, and what may happen to us int he future if we run now. Forty-one is the magic number we must achieve to stop this thing dead in it's tracks.



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