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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Robert Novak On Meet The Press

Bryan @ Hot Air has the video for his appearance there, and what a bombshell it is. I suggest readers watch it. Bryan notes that one point is not included in the video, possibly runcated due to time or a break in the broadcast:

The Plame investigation never made any sense from a security perspective. As Novak explains above, Armitage outed himself to the Justice Department before Fitzgerald’s appointment. The CIA never stated to Novak prior to his infamous column that any laws had been broken in Armitage’s disclosure of Plame’s name to Novak, and (Novak doesn’t get into this in this clip, but it remains a fact) Plame apparently had the habit of outing herself to paramours.

From Junkyard Blog (where the link above will take you to):

Valerie Plame and Joseph Wilson both happened to alight in Washington, their jet-set schedules intersecting, and spotted each other across a cocktail party filled with foreigners. “I saw this striking blonde,” he recalled, still sounding smitten six years later. At first she said she was an energy analyst, but confided sometime around the first kiss that she was in the C.I.A. “I had a security clearance,” grinned Mr. Wilson, then a political adviser to the commander of U.S. forces in Europe.

So around the moment they shared their first kiss, she decided to blow her own precious cover. Nice. When Thomas and I first met we discussed ourselves -- likes, dislikes, politics, etc. -- but neither of us were employed by the CIA, or any other intelligence agency int he government. I sure as heck did not reveal anything overtyl personal about myself until he and I were dating. But Ms. Plame had no problem with letting her gums flap about being an employee of the CIA.

I must agree with Bryan: The real investigation should have been revolving around Joe wilson and Valerie Plame, and not anyone out of the administration, save Richard Armitage who did the public outting in the first place. These two are so pathetic in their attempts to deflect blame that it is no wonder why the Democrats like this pair so much. the ineptitude these two possess must remind the Democrats of their own failings. Birds of a feather, ladies and gentlemen ... birds of a feather.



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