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Saturday, September 1, 2007

New Column Up!!!

It's the first and regular readers know our new column is up at Common Conservative. Please feel free to read the good columnists there, and don't be afraid to fire off an opinion or two to the authors.

(We are late getting this reminder up because we are up in Sedona for the weekend. As always, this post will remain at the top of the page for the next 24 hours. Also, we won't be blogging this weekend. This is a break for us. If any posts are put up, they will be put up on Sunday, and Sabrina will be the woman behind the keyboard.)

The Chief has an excellent column this issue slapping Pat Schroeder around for her ridiculous notion that liberals read more than conservatives. (Here's a hint for Pat -- coloring books and "Dick and Jane Meet Spot" aren't on our reading lists.)

Patrick Shanahan continues the richly deserved beating that Larry Craig is taking. (Yes, we know he's resigning, which is something he should have considered the moment he made headlines.)

Larry Simoneaux takes on the anti-hunting Nazis that disagree that a group of animals left unchecked should finally be checked. (On a side note, they could always crate up the snow geese and let them crap all over the Nazi's property.)

Marcie and I execute a "pre-emptive strike on the Democrats by predicting what Genetal Petreus will likely tell Congress. (Somehow, I doubt they'll accept "go to Hell.")

Sher Zieve kicks off our guest columnists this month with her take one how the Haditha Marines could still be guilty when they keep getting exonerated. (Here's a hint: Ask John Murtha. While you're at it, ask him when he's going to apologize, or if he likes being sued?)

John Lillpop talks about your favorite, recently deported illegal alien and mine, and how we should be rejoicing. (Nevermind the fact that ICE had the legal right to raid the church she was hiding in, and seize her. It only took the nation getting ticked to get the government to actually ((GASP)) enforce the laws.)

Jeff Lukens takes note of the fact that the GOP YouTube debate is back on. (Someone want to global warming the next idiot snowman so we don't have to see it's consistent asininity?)

Daniel Clark (no relation) talks about how people are making a big deal about the president and his vacations, but they neglect to note President Clinton's vacation. (Yeah, like all eight years of his presidency spent on vacation, maybe?)

Doug Patton discusses the "Hillraisers" supporting the junior senator from New York in her presidential bid. (Unfortunately, Mr. Patton didn't include the number one weasel behind the Clinton's right now in Norman Hsu, who will be enjoying his stretch in a California penitentiary.)

And lastly, Paul Ibbetson discusses what sort of philosophy that conservatives have. It's the "I can" sort of philosophy. (Which rivals the liberals in the fact that we actually can speak as opposed to blubbering like baby brats when we don't get our way.)

See you all on Tuesday!! Have a happy and safe Labor Day!

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