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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Always good for a laugh -- McKinney is actually running

Cynthia McKinney is always good for a chuckle or two. Whether it's the accusations of racism against DC police for them doing their job, or the nutty conspiracy theories, she always gives us something to laugh about. (Hey, politics can be pretty depressing at times, and we need all the laughs we can get.)

Eric Dondero at Front Page Mag has the details about that which we know as "Hurricane Cynthia:"

“The time for confrontation has come for me,” Cynthia McKinney told about 60 supporters on December 4. Launching her quest for the Green Party Presidential nomination, McKinney compared her “revolution” to Haiti, Venezuela, and war-torn Cote d’Ivoire.

“Cynthia,” as she prefers to be called, spoke to a crowd of about 60 gathered at the Paige Library Building on the Campus of Texas Southern University, a primarily African-American college in Houston.

Arriving 10 minutes after the 7 p.m. scheduled start time, McKinney sashayed through the crowd smartly dressed in a colorful pants suit and scarf. Personally greeting each attendee, she handed out pastel flyers emblazoned with the words, “Leading a Peace Slate to Reclaim our Nation.” She looked each potential supporter in the eye, with a big smile, and said, “I really need your support.”

McKinney has taken this message on the road through several states, explaining Green Party members had always supported her candidacy, and she had always shared the party’s philosophy. “They [the Green Party] first asked me in 2000 and again in 2004 to become a part of their national drive,” McKinney
told an audience in Illinois recently. “With the Democratic Party having left so many of its base supporters behind, the appeal of the Green Party was one that I could hear.”

She brought a similar message to Houston on December 4th. After two brief (and dynamic) left-wing artists – a poet and a gospel singer – Cynthia took the stage. Her speech was short: 20 minutes tops, and rhythmic – no stuttering; she didn't miss a beat.

Announcing her campaign to reach all “51 States including the District of Columbia” explained: “I've belatedly become a member of the Green Party…No other platform speaks to the African American community as acutely as the Green Party platform.”

Asked about Barack Obama, McKinney echoed a theme from a controversial
2002 Black Congressional Caucus speech. She said, “Look at the Colin Powells, the Condeleeza Rices, the Ward Connerlys...We have to be careful with the black people who are put before us by the media.” She went on to speak of “COINTELPRO,” which she described as a 1960s-era covert plan launched by the CIA to replace Dr. Martin Luther King with a more moderate voice.

Apparently, in McKinney’s mind 40 years later, Barack Obama is the CIA’s replacement.

There was virtually no media at McKinney 's speech, save the local Pacifica station, KPFT.

The former six-term Democrat Congresswoman was ousted in 2006 from Georgia’s 4th Congressional district for the second time. In 2002,
she spoke to the Black Congressional caucus claiming that President Bush had foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks. She also openly solicited $10 million from the Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal; New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani rejected the check after the prince suggested U.S. foreign policy had brought on 9/11. McKinney’s actions resulted in her first electoral defeat in the 2002 Democratic primary, after serving five terms in office. On the night of her 2002 primary defeat, McKinney’s father told media, “Jews have bought everybody...J-E-W-S.” She came back in 2004, and promptly signed a “call for immediate inquiry into evidence that suggests high-level government officials may have deliberately allowed the September 11th attacks to occur.”

Writing for U.S. News and World Report in 2002, Michael Barone pointed out:

Some three-quarters of McKinney's contributions came from people with Muslim or Arab names, most from outside Georgia. She received contributions from people under federal investigation for links to terrorists and from people who have voiced support for Hamas and other terrorist groups in the Middle East. In response to criticism, McKinney said she would not “racially profile” her contributors.

We can laugh at the fact that while she may be the Greenie's nominee, she has no chance at the White House, and she is going to make an ass out of herself on the campaign trail. If you read the rest of the piece, she's banking on Obama being knocked out of the race, and bleeding the black vote away from Hillary. Both are long shots, at best, and who in their right mind would vote for someone who doesn't have a clear eye on victory; on winning the race? And I'm sure that when she loses, again, her father will trot out that anti-Semitic slur again instead of recognizing that his daughter is, and always has been, a loser.

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