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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Governor Huckabee "Hucks Up" Again; Throws Class-Warfare Hammer

Allah @ Hot Air likes throwing out "exit questions." I would like to toss out an entrance question: Does anybody else notice the similarities between Governor Huckabee and the Democrats, now?

Huckabee said that, like him, the Continental Army also faced skeptics. “At the beginning of this country there were some farmers with muskets. Nobody thought they could beat the British. After all, the British were so well-financed. And they had the nice long rifles. &They had a magnificent Navy. Our guys had a few rowboats.”…

Huckabee, born into humble origins in Hope, Ark., and a graduate of Ouachita Baptist University, said he could run for president “because our Founding Fathers had this idea that we were all equal, didn’t mean that we started out with the same net income, didn’t mean that we started out with a last name that opened doors, and people said, ‘Oh, yes, I knew your father at Harvard at Yale or Princeton.’ People knew my father from the shipyard, not Harvard.’”…

“The people of Iowa cannot be bought,” he said. “They cannot even be rented for the night.”

He told them a victory for his campaign would allow the voters to tell the story of Thursday’s caucuses to their offspring, telling them the tale of “when we decided in Iowa that we would not allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by people waving money at us, and waving checkbooks at us.”

He suggested that a victory for the well-funded Romney would be a victory for “plutocracy. &You might as well put [the presidency] on eBay and sell it to the highest bidder.”

First of all, governor, we did not have a "few rowboats." As there were thirteen original colonies, there were thirteen original frigates that were built and used by the Continental Navy. Additionally, I guess Governor Huckabbe never heard of the USS Bonhomme Richard (French for "Poor Richard's Almanac") which was commanded by John Paul Jones; on September 23, 1779 the Bonhomme Richard defeated the HMS Serapis in a pitched battle that stung the British as the loss came in their own home waters.

(I apologize for the above, but it does irk us when people do not know basic history.)

I would like to include this from the initial ABC report that deserves to be pointed out (I cut-and-pasted the above from Allah's report):

Most recently, Huckabee aroused skepticism with a bizarre press conference on the last day of 2007 when he showed the media an attack ad against Romney he said he wasn't going to air on television because, days after he began calling Romney "dishonest," he now wanted to run a positive campaign.

"We had a tough decision this week," the former preacher tried to explain to the Fort Dodge crowd. "Were we gonna try to fire back and do the same thing to others as they had done to us? Or were we going to do unto others as we wish they had done unto us?"

This positively drips in disingenuosness. He knew if he did what he did with that ad that the press coverage alone would make sure the ad was played, and it cost him little in the overall scheme of things, which is good because his campaign is bleeding money. He stoked the fires under the media, and they did precisely what he knew they would. they ran it. they talked about it. they analyzed it. His message got out, and it was a negative ad. This attack from him today is running the negative side again, only this time he is attacking Governor Romney for his success. This is why I posed the question I did at the beginning.

Democrats have used class warfare for decades with the same sort of adroitness that Governor Huckabee is using. He is basically accusing Governor Romney of buying an election, which is preposterous. Governor Romney has bought nothing. If he wins Iowa, he will have earned the victory. We also know that money does not necessarily "buy" elections. Senator Kerry had a great deal of money in 2004, and still lost.

Here is my exit question: If Governor Huckabee does not win in Iowa, if he places anywhere lower than second place, will the 2008 Dean scream be far off?


UPDATE: Welcome Hugh Hewitt readers. Feel free to comment if you wish, have a look around, and yes it is my Thomas that you hear on Hugh's show.


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