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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Hillary's "closing arguments" for Iowans

She has her final ad ready to go and it'll be shown tonight on the local news at 6 pm. It's not too memorable; it's a snoozer in fact. She doesn't get specific about anything, really. She repeats the 47 million without health care, the energy "crisis" we're facing, the "faltering" economy (where the Hell has she been for the last six years?), and the war. It's the same old tired talking points. After watching it twice, we really don't see how this is going to affect anything in Iowa.

And as for her views on the war, who really wants to listen to them after she screwed up explaining the situation in Pakistan. Benazir Bhutto was assassinated, but her father wasn't. He was hung after a show trial. Neither Bhutto or Sharif are running for president. Musharraf was just re-elected to a new five year term. The elections pushed off until February are parliamentary elections. And, last but not least., Sharif can't run because he's a convicted felon. If Musharraf would grant him a pardon, as he did for Benazir Bhutto, then Sharif could run. But he hasn't, so he can't.

Pakistan is an ally, and it's one that has a whole lot of problems right now. If she can't get the basics down on Pakistan, then how can anyone, honestly, believe she has the credentials to be president. It's quite obvious she knows as much about foreign policy as the Huckster and Obama do.

Finally, we offer this from this past weekend as the final reason why she shouldn't be elected to the presidency, ever:

Hillary Rodham Clinton delivered a campaign sermon Sunday, but didn't stick around to hear the pastor do his preaching.

"We're still at church. We're still going to worship no matter what," the Rev. Lee Maxey said as the Democratic presidential candidate, her daughter, Chelsea, and their entourage left Corinthian Baptist Church, the media pack close behind.
Clinton stayed for about 20 minutes and, when she spoke, noted her support for children's rights.

The New York senator also highlighted a chapter in her book, "It Takes a Village," that talks about every child needing a champion. She said most children have someone in that role and she'd like to fulfill it for the whole country.

"I think the American people need a president who is their champion. And I've been running to be that champion -- to get up every single day and do all that I can to make sure I provide the tools that every single American is entitled to receive and make the most out of their own lives," Clinton said.

No, no, no, no, no. First of all, she's anything but a champion or a hero. When I think of heroes I think of the rescue workers on 11 September running into burning and crumbling buildings to save lives. I think of police officers who put their lives on the line daily to protect us here. I also think of Marcie's brother serving over in Afghanistan, and the men and women in the military all across the globe fighting to protect us. Those are heroes in our book.

Hillary, like the Huckster, and like every other Democrat running, is a nanny-stater. She wants to provide everyone with cradle-to-the-grave care and all balanced on the back of the taxpayers. Higher taxes to pay for the welfare queens who claim they can't get by, but they can afford other things in life. The TVs, the DVD players, the expensive shoes and iPods for their kids, etc. They can afford their bad habits, such as drinking, smoking, and doing drugs, but they can't afford to put food on the table or a roof over their head. So Hillary wants to help those that are too lazy to help themselves.

But she, like her Democrat counterparts, won't be content with simply offering these things. No, they're going to force us to give whether we like it or not. Both Obama and Edwards have stated -- on the record -- that people won't be given the choice of opting out of their health care plan. It's mandatory. Does anyone think Hillary will act differently? She won't because she's as authoritarian as those two are.

For Hillary it comes down to the old Marxist adage -- From each according to his ability, to each according to his need. And it's because of this that we believe this nation will flatly reject the Democrats this time around. She can make her plea to Iowans, and we hope it falls on deaf ears.

Publius II


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