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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Issue Up!!`

Welcome dear readers to 2008, and a brand new issue of Common Conservative is up and I'm sure you're all waiting to get your hands on it. Why? Well because this is our special issue with the annual Common Conservative Awards where we hand out honors for the good, the bad, and the ugly of 2007.

The Chief starts off this issue with advice for the potential nominee. Too bad they don't have him on their campaign. People might actually be excited by this bunch of yay-hoos.

Patrick Shanahan examines recent events in history and asks a simple question: "Where do we go from here?" Ah, an age-old question that ranks up there with "What's the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?"

Larry Simoneaux takes a whimsical look at Mitt Romney's bid for the presidency, and highlights a few of the "no-duh" tidbits of information about him. Now, if the Huckster would just drop this line of attack, we could move on with the rest of the election. (Come to think of it, when's the Huckster dropping out so we can move on with life, ingeneral?)

Marcie and I continue to use poor ol' Mike Huckabee as a bongo drum; this time we examine his recent foreign policy speech.

John Lillpop starts off our guest articles with a look at the rule of law; a proposition we should be living by that Democrats abhor.

Carey Roberts gives her two cents on on those who should be given an award for bucking the status quo, and being as politically incorrect as possible. (Hint, hint, no Marcie and I aren't on the list. We'll try harder next year.)

Bob Parks tackles the issue of Ron Paul, and how his words should be haunting him worse than Jacob Marley bugging Scrooge.

Warner Todd Huston drops by to discuss humanitarian aid rendered by the United States, and whether we're the cheapskates, or the trillionaire with the golden heart.

Jack Ward opines on the new CAFE standards. Personally, nothing concerning fuel should be named after a bistro, but this is Congress, after all.

And Daniel Clark shares his thoughts on being offended at the names of mascots. Seriously, is this a problem for the majority or the minority. Our money's on the miniscule morons who get riled up over tiny things, but could care less about major things, like Islamofascism.

No one said it was easy staying topical and relevant, but we do our best each issue to provide exactly that for readers. So sit back and enjoy the conservative musings, and don't forget to stop by the Awards page and see who the staff picked best, worst, and just plain crazy for 2007.

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